Local Shrine's Festival Season

In September, there are festivals almost every weekend in Setagaya-ward.  I guess in other cities, it is similar.

This Japanese drum march was passing by in front of my apartment this past weekend.  

There are big shrines, temples and major festivals, but these ones are small , yet the people in the community visit their local shrine.
The local shrines are considered to be protecting the area and the people living there.

At shrines, there are outdoor stalls during the festival.  They sell cotton candy, fried noodles, odenokonomiyaki( Japanese pancake) , candy apple, candy making etc. etc.   I still like to check them out, but when I was little, I loved them.  It is something special you can enjoy only during the festival.  


Otsukimi --- Harvest Moon September 13

This full moon watching is based on Lunar Calendar.  

Since I couldn't do it on 13, Was going to watch moon tonight and eat this sweet dumplings, but it is raining tonight..... moon is covered with clouds.  Oh, well, I ate the sweets anyways !!! 

The inside is bean jam.  

Breakfast --- Grape and Apple

Last night, I was going to write, but was too tired after active holidays.  ( This was long weekend in Japan.  Today is national holiday = Respect for Senior Citizens Day... I did not respect senior citizens today..... I do usually, but didn't do special thing to show resepct !  Sorry ! ) 

Lately, I have been having grape, apple, apple pear ( Japanese pear ) .  

This grape is called Pittero Bianco and you can eat its skin as well.
( Japanese traditional grape's skins are too thick and not edible. )