Pumpkin & Lamb Hamburger

This was quite easy ,yet much better than I expected.
Again, this basic idea is from Hanamaru ( The TBS program's website recipe, which is lately my favorite. )

The side is brown rice and chopped tomato ( with sprinkled pinch of salt and basil leaves from my garden = plant pot. )

100 to 150 grams of Pumpkin, salt, pepper, oil ( I used grape seed oil ) , 50 grams of sliced lamb.
1. Cook pumpkin first. Put the one or two slices of pumpkin into the bowl. Microwave it with 1 or 2 table spoons of water. ( Cover it roughly with plastic wrap. ) Heat for 5, 6 min. till gets cooked enough.
2. Mash the pumpkin including the green skin part.
3. Sprinkle salt & pepper over the chopped sliced lamb. Mix the lamb into the pumpkin bowl.

4. Mix the above 3 well. Make hamburger shape.
5. Put oil into the heated pan and start cooking the pumpkin hamburger. ( For one side, I think I cooked like 5 min. or so. )
The sweetness of the pumpkin and bit salty lamb meat will melt in your mouth !
I think original recipe was sliced pork, but I found frozen lamb left over, so used it, still tasted pretty good.

Baby cats are now this Big !

They are much bigger now. Can you see the one looking at me ? He or she has pretty big eyes.


Garlic Chicken, Garlic Salad

This chicken is simple, easy and tasty.
Just pour some grape seed oil ( because lately this is my favourite ) or any oil into the pan and put some sliced garlic.
Cook the garlic till its color becomes golden brown. Take them out.
Cook Chicken ( I used thigh ) and sprinkle crazy salt ( the flavoured salt and pepper with garlic etc. ) over the chicken.
Cover the lid and wait for 5 to 10 min. depending on the size of the chicken. (Mine was small chunks this time. )
Then this salad is a hit ! Lately I found this recipe from TBS ( Tokyo Broadcasting Station's ) program " Hanamaru " .

garlic ( 1 clove ) , Soy sauce ( 3 table spoon ) , Mirin ( sweet rice wine 3 table spoon),
Some Lettuce and Tomato ( Prepare like salad in the deep dish. ) oil.

1. Put the pan over the heat.
2. Add some oil into the pan.
3. Start cooking sliced garlic in the pan. Brown them.
4. Put out the fire. Add soy sauce into the pan. Add mirin also ( Be careful bubbles will dance in the pan. )

5. Now the tasty garlic dressing is ready. Pour the dressing while it is still hot over the lettuce and tomato salad. If you are garlic lover, you will love it !

( This is not typical Japanese, but categolized it into Japanese also . )


SATC --- Sex And The City is now in Japan

Have you seen the movie ? I haven't, but I am planning to see that with my girlfriends.
It seems men do not like the TV series or the concept much. On the other hand, girls are talking about the movie a lot and excited to see that.

Well, let me write about it after seeing it. I just read the article of Newsweek on that movie.

In a way, I agree. ( The program or the movie does not give you definite answer. )
It is OK, I feel the TV series brought up the subject which nobody wanted to touch before this.

That itself is worthwhile enough, I believe.

Crispy Cream Doughnuts

This is the shop of Crispy Cream Doughnuts.
When they opened, there was a long long lines in front of the shop.

On Friday, I had business lunch. After that, I realized that this is the shop talked about a lot. There was some line, but it wasn't too long, so decided to try to buy some. They were actually quite good.

While waiting, they give you small size original glaze. Fluffy and yummy !
On Southern Terrace in Shinjuku Station. Near " Eddy Bauer " shop.


This is about 2 weeks ago. Just before the end of exhibition, since I was advised it is remarkable , I ran to the museum and saw the exhibition of World Press Photo 2008. If you have a chance to see that near your place, please do visit. Photos have strong impact.
There are categories such as nature, life, sports, art etc...
( At Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography )
I like this museum a lot. It is near Ebisu station in Tokyo. If you like photo, you will enjoy their selection. Once in a while , I check thier schedule and if I find exhibitions which interestes me, I visit them.