Fiscal Year End

Dear Readers,

Thanks for checking my blog. Well, writing a post should only take 5 mn. to 10 nin.
Writing a recipe is probably 15 min. or so. mmm, I have been busy, but probably mentally I feel overwhelmed.

There still things to follow up after my father's funeral and this is the end of my company's fiscal year and Olympic games ( ! ) and etc. etc.

I would like to thank you all who support my blog and my friends who encourage me and try to understand my situation and support me in many ways. Thank you all and I will try to write more shortly.

Latest news is........ I did ate snack this afternoon since I was too busy to have dinner and had to have a bag of junk food.......Let's see how much I gained today tomorrow morning when I weigh myself. As to the Shimokitazawa Festival, Sorry, I couldn't take any photo !