Nukazuke --- Traditional Pickles

In Summer, I make this pickles.
With enhanced Vitamin B, it is supposed to be very good for you.
Will try to explain about it next time.
When you drink alcohol, you can enjoy these also. ( I like to have it with alcohol ! Feels healthier than having potato chips. )


Hiyamugi --- Cooked like Pasta

Have you heard of Hiyamugi ? It is Summer noodle made of flour.
Usually, we eat them like Soba ( buckwheat noodle) , but I cooked it like pasta this time. Mr. T who lives on the same floor gave me several Hiyamugi again this year..... It seems he often receives gifts from somewhere... he often gives me food.... or maybe he thinks I'm poor...... In any case, I love eating them, so I always thank him.
For Hiyamugi:
Following the direction. 1/2 of the bunch.
Boil 1 litter water and put hiyamugi into the water. Cook 8 min. Rinse with cold water. Place on the plate.
For the Sauce:
This time I made something like bit Chinese.
1 eggplant--- cut into bite size , 1 stalk of green veggie ( ging-geng-cai) cut into bite size
100 grams minced pork, 1 tea spoon of Chinese or Korean spicy chili sauce ( called Toh Bang Jiang ) , 1 table spoon of say sauce, 1 tea spoon of minced ginger, 1 tea spoon of minced garlic,
1 table spoon of sesame oil ( 1 tea spoon of miso paste if you like ) Sake ( to kill pork's meaty smell. )
1. Heat the pan. Put sesame oil, spicy sauce, ginger and garlic into the pan.
2. When the good smell starts coming out, add pork. Add sake. Cook till the color changes.
3. Then add egg plant and green veggie. Keep cooking. If you like miso flavour, add it here.
4. Cover the lid to steam the veggies. Wait for about 5 min.
5. Pour soy sauce over the meat and veggie. Place on the hiyamugi noodle. Enjoy !


Long Day --- Worn Out --- Sleepy

It's been hectic long day today. I 'm so worn out now.
Ready to go to bed....
The dinner was quick and simple one.
A block of ham, 1 egg plant, 2 green peppers, 2 slices of canned pineapple, salt , pepper, grape seed oil
1. Cut all the ingredients into bit size.
2. Pour 1table spoon of grape seed oil into the pan.
3. Cook all the ingredients. ( After cooking them 1 , 2 min., cover the lid and simmer them for about 5 - 7 min. )
4. Uncover the lid, sprinkle salt & pepper.
5. Stir well and put on to the plate !


Watermelon and Watermelon Popsicle

Lately, I have been eating fruits for breakfast.
Yes, thank you, my weight loss project has been quite successful.
I have lost about 5 kilograms in 2 months. If I could loose a few more kilo, that would be perfect.

Also, eating fruits for breakfast feels quite healthy.

I have been eating banana, watermelon, passion fruits, grapefruits....
By the way, the bottom is watermelon shaped & flavoured popsicle. The seeds are made of chocolates and crunchy ( pretty good ! ).