Cateriam --- 1 min. from Shimokitazawa Station

OK, this is for cat lovers. ( I love both dogs and cats. )


It seems the first two weeks of this August, they will be closed. So, please make sure if they are open. Otherwise their regular closing day is Mondays.

2F, Montblanc Bldg, 2-26-6 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

When you get off at Shimokitazawa station ( Odakyu-line & Keio Inokashira-line ), exit from Nishiguchi ( West Exit ). Turn right. Cateriam will be on your right within 1 min. ( Next to Jeans Mate ) It is on the 2 nd floor, so look for the black board on the ground.


Cat Cafe --- Cateriam in Shimokitazawa

This is my favourite, Ponchi.

Last week, this cat cafe was opened in my town.

It is cat cafe where you can enjoy drinks and touching cats.

Yes, some of them are sleeping, so in that case, you shouldn't bother them. Sooooo cute !
Enjoy the photos.
I wonder if you have similar ones in your countries.


Peach is Great in Summer

Now, if you go to super market or veggie shops, you can find peaches..... mmmm, it is sooo juicy and I love it !
This was my breakfast this morning.
It is a must to try if you are in Japan during this season.

Goya ( Bitter Gourd ) and Egg Plant Curry

It was pretty hot today..... about 35 degress centigrade ???

Wanted to have something spicy.... made this using ingredients I found in the fridge. ( It is about time to clean up my fridge again.)

Curry Blocks ( which is sold in the box ) --- I found 2 pieces are left--- perfect for one dish. Rice ( I recently eat brown rice ).
Pickled Shallots ( My aunt gave me the other day... She made it ) for the side. Ground meat ( pork & beef ) , 1 egg plant. about 15 centimeters' Goya ( bitter gourd.... you can find it at super market in Summer ... Originally from Okinawa )

1. Cook meat with oil in the pan. ( Any vegetable oil is fine. I used grape seed oil. )
2. Add sliced Goya and Egg plant. Keep cooking.
3. When above is well cooked, add 2 cups of water.
4. Keep cooking. When it starts boiling, put our the fire. Add curry blocks.
5. When the curry is melt, start cooking again. Cook for another 10 to 15 min.
6. Prepare rice on the plate. Pour curry next to it. Enjoy !

Okinawan Food --- Tokyo Station's Basement

This was Okinawan Tofu... again, it is much firmer than Tokyo ones. There were some condiments served with it.

The above is deep fried fish.... I forgot what it was....
You can eat all parts including the bones.... full of calcium.

This is not Okinawan special.... rolled egg with grated radish.
You pour a little soy sauce over the radish.... mmm, I love it.

I am glad that my friend chose this place.... I had not visited the basement arcade for a while.... It seems they expanded the shopping and restaurants area again..... so many of them.
If you plan to take bullet train or any train from Tokyo Station, please take some time to spend there..... There are various kinds of restaurants.
Uminchu Shubo @ Yaesu Chikagai ( Basement Arcade )
Minami 1 go, Yaesu Chikagai, 2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0028
Tel: 03-3510-2035
Mon to Fri. 11:00 - 23:00
Sat, Sun, Holidays. 11:00 - 22:00
Closed on Jan. 1

Okinawan Food --- Answer

OK, this is the explanation about yesterday's quiz.

The center part... the red one is Tofuyo.... fermented tofu, kind of. It tastes like cheese....
The bottom ones are not squid, it is the ear of pig. ( It is like Taiwanese food ). The far right is Shima Rakkyo.... Okinawa's regional pickled shallots. next to it is like shima ( island ) tofu with Sukugarasu..... it is baby fish of Aigo ( sorry, I don't know what Aigo is.... ) . It is salted, so pretty salty, it always comes with this tofu. By the way, Okinawan Tofu is much firmer than the ones we eat in Tokyo.

Left... the green stuff is Umi ( Ocean ) Budo ( Grape ) . It looks like grape, doesn't it ???
It is sort of sea weed and the texture is... funny , but I love it ! You are supposed to dip it into the sauce made of soy sauce and vinegar. The top is deep fried Goya ( bitter gourd ).

All of these are regional food from Okinawa and until probably 5 years ago, I had never tasted them !!!


Okinawan Food --- A friend from Kanazawa Pref.

Hi, all the readers ! I think I can have more time tomorrow.
Quick report about tonight's dinner at this Okinawan food restaurant located underneath of Tokyo Station.
This is appetizer set. oh... all of these are unusual food.... guess what they are....
This friend is a land scape architect who I have known for over 15 years. Good to see this kind of old friend once in a while. It was about 2 hours before he catches his train back to Kanazawa. He and his friend were already there. I was bit late to show up. mmm, thanks to old friend !