Konakara --- Continued

Sorry, I have to get off now, so let me show you one picture.
These were appetizers served ad Konakara.
The left is probably ( ? ) chicken sashimi, the middle is deep-fried tofu. The right is chawanmushi. ( steamed egg hotchpotch ).
They were all good.


Konakara in Ochanomizu --- Traditional Oden Place

A friend of mine and I decided to pursue this kind of traditional restaurants in Tokyo.
Will show you the food we tried there.
Please come back tomorrow.
We truly enjoyed the ambiance and the food there.

Fruits from Ms. Lin

Ms. Lin who lives in same building gave me these fruits the other day. These were my breakfast today.
Biwa ( Japanese Medlar ) and Cherries.
Fresh start of the day !


Akasaka Kobachiya II

This plate was fun to eat and tasted quite healthy !

The center is like Cesar salad, yet there is no milk or cheese used. Tofu was used instead. Yet, it tasted just like Cesar salad.

The front left is burdock ( full of dietary fiber ), the middle left is okara ( bean curd refuse ) , the deep left is bean sprouts. The front right is hijiki, onion and soy beans ( they didn't use any sugar, instead they used onion to make it sweet.) The middle right is cooked radish. This morning, I feel my body is light ! I felt quite full when we finished eating, yet it felt light . The chef ( lady ) 's skin was so smooth and radiant. I guess this kinds of food is making her skin healthy. mmm, truly, you are what you eat !

Akasaka Kobachiya:
TEL: 03-5575-6221
1F, Takashima Bldg., 4-3-11 Akasaka, Mitano-ku, Tokyo
It is 2 minutes from Akasaka Station ( Chiyoda Line). Use exit 2.
17:30 - 10:30
Now they serve lunch also.

Organic Veggie Restaurant --- Akasaka Kobachiya

Last night I had business dinner in Akasaka.
This restaurant serves veggie dishes beautifully cooked in macrobiotics. The first dishes were these two, okayu ( rice porridge ) and tofu ( or was it yuba ? ) .


" Shokudo Katatsumuri" ( Diner Snail )

This story is about a girl, mid 20s and heart broken. She even lost her voice. She came back to her home town and her mother's place, who she is not so close. She has been working for restaurants , so decided to open a small diner, which serves heart warming food and limits to accept only one reservation a day. Depending on the customer and/or occasion, she carefully plans the course and ingredients using natural food from the region. .... Cannot write well enough. The food in the book plays important role. Also, you can learn how the food is prepared, why they are so precious , how much we should appreciate that we can eat them.

In a way, it reminds me ZEN temple where I learned how to pray before eating. And at the very last, the girl finds out the secret about her mother who she hated for a long time.


Book I Read Today

I read wonderful book today. It was moving. Will try to write about it tomorrow if I can find some time. Thanks !