Tomato Curry & Oden @ Ginza Kyu - Shimokitazawa

The other day, I had a meeting at the other side of Shimokitazawa Station. Ginza Kyu --- is known for its unusual Tomato Oden. ( Tomato is not traditional ingredient for Oden. ) Oden is more like Winter food. Sort of Nabe ( Cooked in Ceramic Wok ) .

Tried this place for lunch, which was 300 yen for the photo set.
Tomato curry rice and the left is Oden. For 300 yen, it was good deal !

Ginza Kyu --- Shimokitazawa:
Lunch- 12:00 - 15:00
Dinner- 17:00 - 24:00
B1 Minami Bldg. 2-14-8 Kitazawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo


Sujiko & Grated Radish / Pork & Cabbage Salad with Tomato Dressing

The upper left is Sujiko --- Salmon roe. It is salty enough, so I simply eat with grated radish.
The right is pork salad. With this tomato dressing, it tastes bit like Japanese Italian.
I wasn't very good at making layers, but it is supposed to be layers of Cabbage & Sliced Pork.
Thinly sliced pork back ribs. ( 5, 6 slices )
2, 3 pieces of cabbage, 1 tomato ( chopped into 1 cm. cube ) , 1 table spoon of soy sauce, 2 table spoon of olive oil, 1 tea spoon of Sake ( or white wine to eliminate pork smell ) 1 table spoon of rice vinegar ,some salt, pepper
The original recipe is from Orange Page's " Harapeko Recipe ). I changed a bit as always.
1. Make the dressing first. Mix the tomato, soy sauce, vinegar, a pinch of salt and pepper well.
2. Boil water, add a pinch of salt and cook the cabbage for 3 , 4 min.
3. Drain cabbage and cut them into 3,4 square cm. Save the cabbage water for the next step.
4. Use the above boiled water for cooking pork. Boil the water and cook the pork till its color changes. Drain well.
5. Make cabbage bed using 1/3 of cabbage , then put 1/3 of pork, then cabbage again , then pork again..... make layer salad.
6. Pour tomato dressing over it. Enjoy !

Sato Nishiki --- Japanese Cherry

June is the season of cherries. This Sato Nishiki is the top brand (or kinds ) of Japanese cherries, which is from Yamagata Prefecture. Compared to American cherry, it is not so sweet.
When cherries are at stores, I can feel Summer is here.


Too Tired Today, Will Write Tomorrow

I went out last night and am too sleepy tonight. Will go to bed early tonight and write tomorrow ! We are in the rainy season, but it has been pleasant days lately.


I should start writing about Summer Food

I wrote about Spring food. I just realized that it is becoming Summer now.
OK, will try to write about Summer food when I can.

Sort of Tuna Salad with Kiriboshi Daikon

I would call it a sort of tuna salad.
Have you tried Kiriboshi- Daikon ( Sun Dried Cut Japanese Radish) . It comes in a package. If there is any Japanese Market around you, probably you can find it there. If you are in Japan, yes, it is easy to find it in " Kanbutsu ( Dry Food) " section.
It is supposed to have good nutrition.... dietary fiber, calcium, vitamin B1 & B2.
a handful of Kiriboshi-Daikon ( Soaked in water for 10 min. ), Canned Tuna ( if it is small can, I would use the whole can. If it is too much for yourself, use about 3 table spoons of tuna ) ,
2 table spoons of wakame ( seaweed. dried. Soak it in the water for 5 min. before use or follow the direction of the package. ) 1 table spoon of Ponzu ( I used Yuzu ponzu--- Japanese lemon's. If you don't have it, use lemon juice and soy sauce. )
1. Cut Kiriboshi daikon into 3 cm. or bite size.
2. Mix all the ingredients.

Radish Noodle Chicken Soup

I made this soup using recipe from TV program introduced by " Futari no Shokutaku" on TV Asahi.
Saturday evening program has main two talents, they could be actors and actresses, singers, movie directors etc... One cooks for another, who is a long time friend in the business.
Yesterday, this soup was introduced. Mr. Umezawa who acts woman's role was cooking and he seems to be so good at cooking.
Ingredients: ( I have adjusted the volume for me. )
approximately 1/6 Japanese radish ( Peeled like flat noodle ).
1 table spoon of chicken soup powder, 150 grams of chicken breast ( or as much as you like )
Salt, Pepper, Grated ginger ( as you like )
1. Prepare soup. Boil water ( about 2 to 3 cups ) , add chicken soup powder and dissolve.
2. Cut chicken into bite size and add into the soup.
3. Add sliced ( peeled ) radish, it looks like noodle. Keep cooking till both chicken and radish look cooked.
4. Add grated ginger, a pinch of salt and pepper. ( Don't put too much salt first. Taste it after a pinch and if you prefer saltier flavour, then add another pinch and try it again ! )
It warms you up and feels healthy. ( During Summer time, I often feel cold, because of air conditioning. So, it helps to warm my body. )

Brazilian Restaurant in Tokyo

The other day, I had lunch between meetings.
Have you been to Barbacoa in Omotesando ? They are known for Brazilian Barbecue " Churrasco".

I had this Barbacoa Steak ( comes with Salad Rice or Bread and Drink), which was impressive.
Of course, I like marbling beef ( typical Japanese Beef ) .

However, I like this kind of red meet also. It feels powerful and gives me energy to go !

I also enjoyed their two sauces, one is vinegar based, the other is soy sauce based, both were delicious.

Barbacoa Grill Aoyama:
4-3-24 , Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-3796-0571

Lunch: Weekday 11:30- 15:00
Saturday & Holiday: 11:30-16:00
Dinner:Weekday & Saturday 17:30-23:00
Holiday 17:30-22:00

Cat & Her Babies

This mommy cat and her babies are living in the back yard of my apartment lately. The mom is taking care of three babies. They are soooo cute. When the mom call out the babies, the voice is sweet and I can tell the difference.
mmm, somebody is feeding this cat, which I understand in a way, they are so cute. However, feeding is easy , yet can you be responsible for the life of them ???
There is a lady in my town, who keeps running to the vet for fixing them since there are too many stray cats in the area because of this kind of feeding.