Watching Soccer Game.....

Watching TV is a part of my business. ( Seriously. I am in Media, Entertainment, Sports business.)
Last Saturday, there was an event, so I couldn't watch it fully, but as soon as I came back , started watching the game, which was World Cup Soccer, Qualifying Game Japan x Oman.
I needed some nibbles. These are Kim chi ( Korean Spicy Pickles ), Edamame, Cream Cheese with Soy Sauce , Wasabi)

ShortShorts Film Festival 2008 @ Laforet Harajuku & Brillia Yokohama

Oh ! Somehow, this shot came out like this... This is a catalog of Shortshorts Film Festival..... short film event.

They are showing many titles right now. I was invited to one of the opening events last Saturday.

The event is being held at Laforet Museum Harajuku ( one program is 1,000 yen) through this Saturday, June 14. as well as Brillia Yokohama.

I saw some animations and films. Especially animations were well done.

They produced those using AfterEffect, Maya, Finalcut Pro etc.... I am not so familiar with these software ( I don't produce animation.) , but all those had different taste and I enjoyed them.

I didn't have much expectation for short films, but short ones could be good for mobile, commercial films, infomercials and omnibus ( if you produce several as one package. ) ....

If you have time, please try visit them. ( Personally, I wanted to see the first direction of Kirsten Danst......featuring Winona Rider .... , But now I don't have time to go. )


Tomato, Onion, Beef Rice Bowl

With this fully tomato filled bowl, you cannot see the beef and onion from here. There is cooked sliced beef and onion underneath. ( As well as rice. )
Steamed white rice, 100 grams sliced beef, 2 chopped tomatoes, 1/2 sliced onion. Soy sauce, Mirin ( sweet rice wine ), Sake ( or white wine ), some oil ( I used grape seed oil )
1. Heat the pan. Put 1 table spoon of oil into the pan. Start cooking onion and then beef.
2. Season onion and beef with soy sauce ( 1 table spoon ). mirin ( 1 table spoon ) and sake ( 2 tea spoon ) . You can change the volume of these seasoning depending on your taste.
3. Keep cooking onion and beef for 3 min. to 5 min.
4. Put onion and beef on the rice. Add chopped tomato on onion and beef. Done !
I read several doctor's comment on how to control the weight. It seems it is better to prepare several dishes since it takes more time to finish and it will avoid too much eating. ( The signal of " I ' m full " will be sent to your brain if it takes more time. ) However, for lunch or quick meal, I cannot take much time, so when it is only one dish, I try to chew well before swallowing them.


Let Me Write Tomorrow !

There was ECO LIFE FAIR 2008 in Yoyogi Park this weekend in Tokyo. Unfortunately, I couldn't visit the event. I will write and upload some pictures tomorrow, please wait !
Thanks for reading my blog !!!