Need to Relax a Bit

Since there was some family emergency in May and tried to catch up with the delay after that, I had sort of tension and kept pushing myself. I need to relax a bit to refresh myself. Physically, thanks to exercise, I feel totally fine. Well, I need to work a bit over this weekend, but will try to take a breath. :)


Weight Loss Project is Working

It seems I already lost 1 kg. What I am doing is not special. It probably depends which works for who, so please do not count on this and find your best way, but for your information , I will explain what I have been doing. Of course, when I totally succeed, I will review all the things I did and list them up.

1. Trying not to put sugar into coffee. I usually drink at least 3 cups a day. I used to put brown sugar or honey into it.

2. Trying to eat properly and eat well balanced meal. I read that taking nutrition is important to burn the calories in the body.

3. Trying to walk. If it is 1, 2 stations away, I try to walk instead of taking trains.

4. To drink water. I am water drinker originally. Usually I drink about 2 litters a day.
Trying to drink water, green tea a lot.

5. To work out 20 min. a day. I haven't really worked out although I used to be pretty athletic during school days. I found old Cindy Crawford's " Shape Your Body " video and watch and work out about 20 min. a day. There are 3 sections. I do a bit of 1st section and then the last part, which is 10 min. " Mini Work Out ". In Japan, " Billy's Boot Camp " was pretty popular for a while,but it is too hard for me. Cindy's video is just right and it's also nice to watch her perfect figure ( !!! )

6. To reduce the volume of breakfast. I usually eat bread , eggs, veggies etc... , but I gave them up. Now I eat 1 banana & yogurt or yogurt & granola bar.

By doing the above, I lost 1 kg. already and I can see my size is getting smaller. Waist line is getting tighter ! I' m busy with work, still I try to take 20 min. before going to bed or taking bath.


Tuna Tail is Good !

If you 'd like to eat homey dinner during your stay in Japan, try to find TEISHOKU place.
Teishoku is like this set menu.

Rice, Miso soup, side dish or pickles and main dish.

Last night, I was bit busy , yet wanted to have nutritious dinner. I went to one of my favourite, Tonsui. ( I have already written the address details in " Dining Out--- Shimokitazawa " before. )

For 750 yen, they serve this great meal. ( The price is vary depending on the menu , yet all of them are reasonable. )
I had this Tuna Tail ( grilled and so good ! It has collagen also ! ) . Great deal for this price. Plus, the couple who work there is always nice and sweet.

They have regular Tonkatsu ( Deep fried pork ) , Ginger pork, etc.... sometimes, they have this kind of " Today's Special ". It is also fun to encounter this kind of menu.


Breakfast for Weight Loss Project

Sliced banana and yogurt.

Weight Loss Project

I need to loose some weight. Decided to loose 5 to 7 kg within 2 months !
Trying to cut calories and work out a bit. Probably 15 to 20 min. a day.


Greek Coffee !!???

Have you had coffee in Greece ? If you are Greek, please let me know if this is Authentic !!???
I like this drink anyways, but I am just curious.
Cafe Zinc ( Please see my " Dining Out --- Shimokitazawa " section) serves this iced coffee. It's little sweet, there are sliced lemon, lime in it. Somehow, unexpected flavour of lime juice matches with coffee flavour. When the weather is hot and sticky, this freshens me up.

Fridge Cleaning Day II

I found another package of Natto ( fermented beans ), some sliced beef, bell peppers, scallions.
Cooked beef, bell peppers and scallions in the pan and poured Mongolian barbecue sauce into it. Sprinkled little pepper.
For beans, I chopped Shiso ( Japanese basil ) and mixed into them and used sweet soy sauce which was attached to the package.
Fridge is getting lighter !

Fridge Cleaning Day I

Yesterday, I decided to clean up the fridge.... I mean I tried to eat left overs, ingredients I had forgotten etc...
You can see boiled egg, cheese, tomato , salami and bread.
It was simple yet good.

Next Morning of Late Night Drinking

When I had late night dinner or drinking previous night, I try to eat light or have something full of dietary fiber.
This is a breakfast I had yesterday. Irish oatmeal with dried fruits. I like this colorful , jewel like combination.
Just prepare milk, this dried fruits and honey. Microwave oatmeal with a cup of water. ( Oatmeal is like 1/2 cup )