Japanese Spanish Mackerel II

This is simple cooking. Sawara( Japanese Spanish Mackerel ) cooked in grape seed oil.
I just poured little ponzu ( if you don't have it , use lemon juice and soy sauce).
Add a table spoon of white wine while cooking the fish to remove the fishy smell.

For veggies, ( carrot & mizuna or green veggie)
simply chop them and put into the net.
Pour boiled water over it. Drain well.
Also, use ponzu for this.

Light, healthy meal.


Internet Gadgets, Tools

Various Internet tools .gadgets, e-mail, SNS are fun and convenient. However, these days I feel bit overwhelmed. I have several e-mail addresses , joined several SNS, have SKYPE......getting busy. mmm. I wonder how other people are handling them, I mean is there any rule if you are good at it ? One thing I noticed by looking other people's use, those people who are good at using them are diligent. It seems they find quite short time and do one thing at a time. Well, I will try to be better !

Japanese Spanish Mackerel

This is easy dish for lunch or dinner using seasonal white fish and asparagus.
Sawara is Japanese Spanish Mackerel and its Chinese character indicates its season. The left side is " fish " and the right side is Spring, so it means Spring Fish. Original recipe is from Orange Page 's " Harapeko Recipe ( Hungry Recipe) ". I changed little portion of it.
2 slices of Sawara ( Japanese Spanish Mackerel )
You can use other white fish also.
4 to 5 stalks of green asparagus, 1/2 of round Camembert Cheese , salt , pepper, butter
1. Cut cheese into bite size. Break the bottom of the green asparagus at the point where it breaks naturally if you fold it. If the outer skin is hard at the lower part still, then skin the surface little. ( I didn't. I just broke the bottom = the hard part. ) Cut the fish into the bite size also. Salt & pepper the fish.
2. Melt a tea spoonful butter in the pan ( at medium heat ) and start cooking asparagus. Sprinkle a pinch of salt. When the asparagus is coated with the butter, take them out into a bowl.
3. If the butter in the pan is not enough, add little more. Put the fish into the pan. Brown the surface and put the asparagus back into the pan. Add the cheese into the pan. Stir and dress the fish and asparagus with the cheese. When the cheese starts melting, put out the fire.
( I put too much salt on the fish. The cheese is salty enough, so please watch. Also, it was bit fishy, so I would recommend to add a spoonful white wine when you cook the fish. )


100 selections of Digital Radio

I'm listening to Brazilian channel right now on SkyPerfecTV !. Did you know that this satellite service also provides 100 radio selections with various music. You can select the channel depending on your mood. There are Hawaiian, Okinawan, Several kinds of Jazz, Classical Music,
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My CD player doesn't work lately, probably it's about time to buy new one or change it fully to i-tune stuff. I haven't decided, but then realized that I have this selection of radio !

It's sound is pretty good and the best is the various selections.

Pizza Toast

We call it pizza toast. Do you have the same ?
I used the bread made of brown rice. It is fluffy and delicious.
Nowadays, wheat is getting expensive, so maybe we should eat more bread made of rice.
Anyways, when you are not that hungry, but want to have something , this is good.
1 green pepper ( this is another seasonal veggie ! ) / sliced , 4 or 5 slices of salami, a slice of melting cheese, a slice of bread.
1. Toast the bread lightly first. ( 3, 4 min. )
2. Place the sheet of cheese on the bread, put salami & green pepper like the photo.
3. Put the bread back to the oven toaster and cook for another 5 min. or till the cheese starts melting.
Yum !

Ms. Okuzono's Chicken Wing Cooking in Vinegar

You can find this recipe ( in Japanese ) on NTV 's website.
The TV program name is " Omoikkiri ii TV".
Usually I cannot watch the program since it is aired during daytime, yet I check the recipe.
This was pretty good. I changed the volume for one serving.
5 or 6 Chicken Wings, half cup of vinegar, 1/5 cup of soy sauce, 1/5 cup of mirin ( sweet rice wine ), a few slices of ginger, a tea spoon of honey, 100 grams of mizuna ( or some green vegetable as bedding )
1. Cut the chicken wing at the joint to make it easy to eat. If possible, there are two bones in the wing side, so separate them by cutting.
2. Put vinegar, soy sauce, mirin into the frying pan with ginger and honey. Start heating.
3. When it gets boiled, add the cut chickens into the pan. Low heat and place the lid over the pan. Keep cooking till the sauce gets thick.
4. Cut mizuna into the bite size and place on the plate as the bed.
5. When the chicken is ready, place them on mizuna ( or green veggie bed ) with the sauce.
Eating the sauce is quite important since this sauce has calcium and collagen from the chicken !