Breakfast ( Salmon Salad Wrap ) at Starbucks

Whoa, it is already Saturday. After Golden Week, the time passed so fast.

Well, this is my breakfast today. I have been trying to get rid of my books. I already sold about 100 books at Book Off. Worn out from picking up those.

Anyways, Salmon Salad Wrap at Starbucks.

Do you have the same at your local Starbucks ?


Iris Bath on May 5

Ah, it's been hectic. Let me show you the bath I took on May 5.
These green stalks are Iris. So, nothing special, simply put the iris into the bath.
Supermarkets , small food shops are selling these for this day.
Doesn't have any herbal smell. It is a sort of ceremony and I enjoy that every year.
Hope I can write again soon !


Japanese Iris Bath

We are in Golden Week, the long national holiday season. Today and tomorrow are also holidays. mmm, I thought I would have more time in this, but what happened was originally there was a plan to go to Shikine Island, I cancelled, then I was supposed to go golfing today, I cancelled, mmm why I am busy ??? The reason is there are things I need to do during this holidays and I am running around. Well, hopefully these will be done by tomorrow and I can enjoy some free time tomorrow. Right now I am looking forward to taking Iris bath tonight.

I think I wrote about it last year also. The Iris is supposed to remove evil spirit. Today is Children's Day and parents wish the children's healthy lives.