Feed me if I am not in good mood......

When I am hungry, I can't speak much, stay quiet and in bad mood. So, if I have dinner appointment and if there is a possibility that the start might be delayed, I eat snacks beforehand in order to avoid irritating moment and also showing that to people ! ( So, keep feeding me, I will be happy all the time.)

Salad with Cooked Pork

Simple, Easy yet Tasty. I cook this with various veggies.
Today's lunch was this....
Thinly sliced pork ( If you can find Shabu-Shabu pork, that would be the best ). 5 , 6 pieces.
5 Shiso leaves ( Shiso is like Japanese basil ) --shredded
Half package of Kaiware Daikon ( Sprouted Seeds of Japanese radish ) --- cut in half length
Half stalk of white scallion ( I like Nasu no Shirobijin Negi --- for this )---cut diagonally ( bite size)
Grated Ginger ( I used a lot today. A chunk of ginger as topping )
Ponzu ( Yuzu juice & soy sauce or lemon juice and soy sauce etc. )
1. Prepare boiled water. Add half cup of Sake or white wine into it. ( To remove pork smell )
2. Cook pork in the hot water.
3. Make the salad bed for pork. Place cut scallion, Kaiware Radish on the plate.
4. Put pork on the veggie bed, add grated ginger and shiso as topping.
5. Pour 2 to 3 table spoons of Yuzu-ponzu ( I used bottled Yuzu soy sauce today ).
Fresh and good for this kind of sticky weather.

Modigliani --- The National Art Center, Tokyo

If you like Modigliani, visit this art museum. ( showing Modigliani through June 9, 2008 )
Designed by Kisho Kurokawa ( who passed away last year ), the museum has nice look and pleasant atmosphere inside. There are several cafes and a restaurant.

The National Art Center Tokyo :
7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 106-8558
The entrance was conveniently connected from Nogizaka Station directly , so I couldn't take the whole view of the building. The photo of the entrance and also the photo from the entrance area.

Rakugo Night II

It was funny.... so funny..... Eisuke Shumputei was great, but Tokyo Girls were also so funny and silly with the sort of " Pun Intended ". ( not " No Pun intended "). Tears came out of my eyes.


Rakugo Night

I'm going to Rakugo event tonight. Rakugo is Japanese sit-down comedy and traditional art.


One Garden --- Continued

She brought a set of various cheese from France. I don't think usually this restaurant allows it,but we occupied the place that night ( with about 12 people ) and we enjoyed tasting them.
This cake was made by her friend. Pretty and Tasty. Full of strawberry flavour.

Another shot of veggie sushi.
It was totally entertaining night. Thanks to the friend.
I was able to see her mother ( after so long ) and her husband.
and other people who were all nice and attractive.
The restaurant was also great. Nice decor, quiet ( In Shibuya, this area is for adults, not teenagers. ) . Food tasted wonderful and fun presentation. Wines and champagnes were great. ( The friend of her husband brought the wines from France. ) The chef of the night was the producer of the place ( special night ! ) and he often cooks for celebrities and good at selecting flavor and way of cooking depending on the guests.
One Garden:
1F Le Cartier Sakuragaoka, 20-12 Sakuragaoka - Cho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Tel& Fax:03-3780-0880

One Garden--- Continued

These are veggie sushi. Mostly Japanese Spring grasses.
Seasoned differently. The one called Gyoja Ninniku has sort of garlic flavour and with the seasoning it tasted like Korean Barbecue ! It was miracle.

The above is the presentation making unique veggie sushi.
He says it is more difficult than fish since these veggies don't stay on the rice.
The bottom is 3 year old Hayama Beef ( sorry, I got confused and wrote as duck first ! ) . Tender, flavorful !!!

One Garden --- Continued

These tomatoes were served in the middle as palate freshener.
We were told to see if big ones are good or small ones are good.
Small ones ! Much sweeter and thinner skin ! It is sweet like a desert !

Sea bream cooked in salt house !
Fluffy and sweet fish !!!

Was this sea bream ? with brown jelly like collagen !
Yes, it felt my skin was smoother next morning. :)


Friend's Birthday Party --- One Garden

Let me show you the appetizer which was served at One Garden last night. Sesame tofu, duck meat ?, salami, yuba.....

Golfing near Mt. Fuji

It was freezing near Mt. Fuji on Saturday. When we got there, the temperature was around 5 degrees centigrade. woo. We did three rounds at this short course and headed back to Tokyo.
Since we started quite early, when we came back to Tokyo, it was still around 2:00 p.m.

Friend's Birthday Party

There was a party last night. My school friend who married to French guy and moved to France is here this week and threw a party for her birthday. Nice party ! Wonderful food and attractive people.

Sorry to have kept you waiting, but will try to show you some pics from there later.


Cabbage & Bacon Soup for Breakfast

I often make this cabbage soup. Especially spring cabbage tastes good and ... how can I describe it ? Soft texture ? So, often make this with bacon or sausages. ( I forgot to add rosemary today. By adding herbs, it tastes even better. )
Instead of bread, I had donuts with it.
Shredded cabbage , Bacon, Bouillon , Pepper ( Salt, if the bouillon doesn't have salt. ) Water.
Simply put shredded cabbage ( as much as you like ) into the deep pan and add shredded bacon and bouillon. ( Bacon is salty, so try and adjust the soup as you like ). Add water ( 1 cup or depends how much cabbage you put. ) Cook for 10 to 15 min.
MMM. My whole body is sore from yesterday's golfing.... well, I need to work on things today, so hope I can write tonight. See ya !