Wait a Moment, Please.....

It's been hectic week. Meetings and Dinners...... Wait a moment, please.
Tomorrow morning, the golf is starting at 5:00 a.m. ( not the pick up time !!! )

Hopefully, I can write more on Sunday.



While I enjoy watching movies at sort of Meigaza ( The cinema house which shows movies after regular road show. ) , visiting this sort of Cinema Complex ( Multiplex ) is also fun ! They are clean and their seats are nice and I can stretch my legs.

Bathroom is also important for me. Clean and smells nice !
Enjoy movies in Japan !

United Cinema Toyosu:
The address and location is same as the restaurant Breathe.

Lounge in Breathe --- Restaurant in United Cinema

They have upstairs also. A special lounge for premium seat customers. Imagine something like Airport Lounge for First Class & Business Class customers.... Nice & Relaxing with the view.

The premium seat is pair seat and you can get one free drink.

I ' d like to come back here for dinner after the movie.
( It seems you can have parties in the lounge also. )
It is great view during day time, but it would be nice to drink cocktail and enjoy watching lights in the city.
Breathe Cafe & Bar - Lounge:
Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu 3F, 2-4-9 , Koto-ku, Tokyo
3 min. from Toyosu Station ( There is a huge parking lot = over 2,000 cars can park. )
Tel: 03-6219-3002
Open Sun - Fri 11:30 - 23:00
Sat 11:30 - 25:00

Breathe--- Restaurant in United Cinema

The lunch had already filled my stomach, but....... I HAD to order the dessert. There were photos of them and you will have to try them.
The cafe late had cute heart shape as shown in the photo.
The dessert is from Queen Alice.
( Queen Alice was started as French Restaurant and became famous with its girly atmosphere and good cuisine. Now they serve other cuisines at their group restaurants. )
The Blueberry is the one I ordered.
Next time, I should watch " My Blue Berry Nights " and afterwards, eat this here. Anyways, the tart was delicious ! ( Oh no, the movie is ending within two days ! Hurry ! )

Breathe --- Restarurant in United Cinema

I ordered this Curry & Rice. The condiments were pretty.

The curry was creamy and quite mild. I like hot & spicy curry usually, so it was bit too mild. The chicken had good smokey flavour.

The red one was spicy ( probably chili ? ) . So, I added all of them into the curry.

These are pasta and quesadillas.

There are quite a few restaurants in the mall including cafe & Starbucks, but if you like quiet place and nice view, this is a recommendation. You can sit, eat and talk. ( You know what I mean, sometimes restaurants are too noisy. )

Breathe --- Restaurant in United Cinema

This theater restaurant
" Breathe" is located in a big shopping mall " LaLa Port Toyosu ". The closest station is Toyosu on Yurakucho Line. It is close enough from Ginza. ( You can take a cab --- probably 15 min. to get there. )

If you are staying in Ginza area and have one day to do shopping , it maybe a good idea to visit this mall and entertain yourself.

They have 190 shops and I enjoyed browsing there. The weather doesn't matter once you get there.

Nice view from the restaurant.
They have set lunch menu with 4 options.
This half salad is included. I like their dressing.


The Dinner tonight was Great !

The food was good, but I enjoyed the conversation the most. Had dinner with a business associate who I met lately. mmm, there are many I'd like to upload. Maybe tomorrow morning !


Pasta --- Pork & Cabbage with Ginger

I would call it Chinese Style Pasta since I used sesame oil and Chinese chicken soup powder.
Ginger ( chopped ), Several cabbage leaves ( bite size) ,
Pork ( Thinly sliced and bite size ), Pasta, Salt & Pepper, Chinese Chicken Soup Powder, Sake ( or white wine ), Sesame Oil
1. Cook pasta as instructed on the package.
( While cooking pasta, cook pork and cabbage....)
2. Put the pan over medium heat range.
3. Pour a table spoon of sesame oil. Cook cabbage, ginger and pork.
4. Sprinkle salt & pepper, a tea spoon of chicken soup powder, a table spoon of sake over 3.
5. Cover the lid over the pan and wait for 5 min. or till the cabbage looks cooked.
6. Place the cooked pasta ( of course, drained ), put 3.= pork & cabbage ( and ginger ) on the pasta.

Miso & Mayonnaise Combi is Great !

Lately, I use a lot of this combination. Miso & Mayonnaise ! Good for fresh veggies such as cucumber, radish etc. ( to dip ) , if you add little sake or wine vinegar, good salad dressing.

mmm, Yum !

EARTHDAY 2008 What We Learned

There are many small farmers and food producers. We talked to several of them and learned a lot. Their expertise is wide and deep and they are happy to share it with us. Not doing for sales only. We could tell that they are trying to protect the environment and produce good, safe food.

Will try to write about sea weeds producer and green tea producers also. ( I hope I can find the time to explain, the sea weed one is little complicated and I need some time..... Wish me a luck ! )

In any case, their food is tasty and since we learned that they are trying to hard I appreciated for it when I ate.

When I go to Zazen ( Zen Meditation at Temple ) , the monk tells me to think how this food was produced and imagine about the people who carried them, who cooked them..... and thank everybody. The feeling is like that, which we tend to forget nowadays.

EARTHDAY 2008 Whole Grain Bread

This bread is the one I bought at the event.
I like whole grain bread's texture. Had it with butter & marmalade. By the way, you cannot find butters at super market lately here. The butter is short right now. It's a long story, so maybe next time.
The right is potato & sliced beef:
2 potatoes( chopped) , 100 grams Beef ( Sliced and shredded ) , Dried parsley. half onion( chopped ) , salt, pepper,
grape seed oil, butter.
1. Put the pan over medium heat and put a table spoon of grape seed oil & same of butter, start cooking potato.
2. Take out the potato and place them onto a plate.
3. Add onion into the pan and cook , when the onion turned to brown color, add beef into the pan and cook.
4. Pour a tea spoon of salt and some pepper over it. ( Make it little salty since the potato is not seasoned. )
5. After a few minutes, put 4. over the potato. Sprinkle some dried parsley.
Enjoy !

EARTHDAY 2008 Sausage Set , Rice Shop

We bought a cup of sausage set. This was good for 600 yen, sausage and grilled meat. At first , we could smell it, which was tempting. After we bought rice and beans, we couldn't resist the smell and decided to buy one and shared.... Delicious.
The middle photo is the shop we bought rice and beans.