EARTHDAY 2008 Food Shopping

The event has several zones selling food, other products such as soaps or clothes, live, seminars etc....

Our focus was food, so we stayed mostly there and enjoyed talking to people who are producers of these and also shopping.

The left is the dinner tonight. I used the rice I bought today.
Not just good, I could feel energy and power of the land.

The man who was selling this rice didn't say much to sell, but seemed to be very happy man.

These are herbs.... I bought basil & spearmint.

It was raining so hard till yesterday.
The greens were fresh and beautiful.

EARTH DAY 2008 Polar Bear " Solar " & " Bear"

They are crying because they are separated from their mother due to global warming....


I just came back from EARTH DAY 2008, which is being held at Yoyogi Park.
Bought mostly FOOD ! ( Or was it all of them !??? )

I went with Tania, who is food specialist. We learned a lot there. If you have time this weekend, please check it out.


Pretty Cup Cake --- N.Y. Cup Cakes in Meidaimae

Isn't this pretty ? This is Earl Grey flavoured cup cake sold at New York Cup Cakes in Meidaimae ( Meidaimae Station is on Inokashira & Keio Line ).
They have various kinds, but usually sell 6 kinds at the shop.
Tiny shop has only narrow window show case, but that size even looks cute with all these pretty and cute decoration.
They are tasty also. Good bite size. Nice for breakfast or afternoon snack. Is it trendy in N.Y. now ? There was some articles introducing this shop and a part of that was saying something like that.
N.Y. Cup Cakes:
2-27-10 Matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3321-6486
After exiting from central exit of Meidaimae Station,
Turn left immediately, proceed underneath the railroad,
turn right. Wihin 20 meters, you will find the shop on your left.


I grew up with Western Breakfast

This is Irish oatmeal ( the name of this oatmeal ) I had for breakfast. Raisin is the topping, milk and brown sugar on the tray also.
My mother always cooked western breakfast. Toast and eggs and bacons or oatmeal like this. I guess one of the reasons is my father was brought up in foreign country for sometime.
Anyways, I found this Irish oatmeal at Kaldi, so bought a box. ( Kaldi is imported food shop, which sells not only western food, but also Asian food . They have various kinds of pasta, pasta sauce, jams, teas and coffees, spices and something hard to find at other stores , e.g. blue cheese dressing .)
Unfortunately, another favourite of mine --- Quaker Oatmeal's instant packages ( in various fruit flavour ) are not sold in Japan..... Whenever I go to the states, I buy several of them.


Ho - I ate a lot tonight

It was fun gathering with business associates tonight. I hadn't seen one of them for several years and it was great to catch up with each other. We had Italian course menu and a bottle of red wine. Will be uploaded in a few days.


Visiting Relative's House --- Continued

These were surprise to me. The noodle is udon --- made of wheat flour, but it was totally different from others. Smells so good.
The natural flour flavor is so good.

The rice was also delicious. According to him, this rice is from some farmer who turned to farmer from company employee of trading corporation ! What a career change !

These people realize how important the agriculture is and jump into totally different world. Maybe some people don't understand it, but I respect that courage.
The quality of these food was wonderful. Maybe you cannot tell the difference by look, but I was impressed with the flavor of these.

Nabe ( the bottom) was full of ingredients with oyster, chicken to various kinds of veggies.

My stomach was fully filled.....

We both love eating good food.... and films ( he is in film business ) , we talked about ideas, foods, etc....

Visiting Relative's House

A few weeks ago, I visited my relative's place and he cooked dinner for me. All these food were delicious and also healthy.

He owns a house in L.A. and this is his Tokyo place. When I was small , I didn't have much chance to see him and I figured it out why much later.
After high school, he went to the states and studied there. He also worked there and still he lives in both U.S. and Japan, which I appreciate since he knows both U.S. culture and Japanese culture.

I did arrive at the station early , which is very Japanese.
I laughed at myself. I tried to be fashionably late..... in Western style, but somehow, I got there too early. However, I didn't have to worry, he is so used to cooking and started working in the kitchen and we started chatting and tried to catch up, which was fun.

The bottom here is the sort of ginger with miso paste. The fresh spicy ginger stimulated the stomach and I got really hungry. ( as always ) The middle is slices of scallion and duck meat.
This is good combination as nibbles for alcohol. The top is cooked seaweed ( hijiki ) , carrots and soy beans.