Wasabi & Soy Sauce over Cream Cheese

For the coming 2 weeks starting with Monday, I can see that I will be very busy.
Therefore, I wanted to be a home buddy this weekend and did not schedule anything special.
Here is another nibbles. The right green ones are Edamame beans, which I used frozen pack.
( You can thaw them by putting running water. )
Take beans out of pods. ( Usually frozen ones are already salted, so unless you want them season, you don't need to add anything. )
Cubic cream cheese, Wasabi ( usually sold in tube ), Soy Sauce ( Try ponzu, if you have. I used Ponzu. Or add a tea spoon or two squeezed lemon juice or orange juice to soy sauce. )
1. Dissolve wasabi into soy sauce. ( Or ponzu, or soy sauce & lemon or orange juice mix. )
2. Pour 1. over cream cheese.
Spicy wasabi flavor goes well with alcohol drinks. Enjoy !


Edamame -- Arranged in Gucci Style

This was pretty good. When you need nibbles for wines, champagnes, whiskies or sake & shochu, this would work.
Created by Yuzo Gucci. I don't think he is related to the brand " Gucci". He is a Japanese talent, comedian, singer and great cook.
I saw this yesterday on TV.
Edamame, Garlic powder, Salt, Pepper, Olive oil.
Mix edamame, garlic powder, salt , pepper and olive oil. That's it !
( Actually, I used grapeseed oil today. ) Simple, but tastes very good. Worth to try once.

"the Night of the Mi' raj "by Zoe Ferraris

It is intriguing already. the book given by a friend. " the Night of the Mi'raj ". Based in Saudi Arabia, the story is sooo mysterious. mmmm. I wonder if I can sleep. ( I couldn't sleep when I was reading " Da Vinci Code " ).

Many Books around Me

Lucky me ! I love reading books ! My friend who works at foreign book dept. at major publisher & book store gave me these books ! Thanks to her !


SPICIA --- Continued

Their lighting is pretty.
The curries we tried were both good. I guess all their curry should be tasty. You will be asked how hot you want the dishes. Since this was first time, my friend and I asked for the medium. It was hot and spicy , but that was just right for me. They also have various kinds of nan. I wanted to try all of them.

The ones my friend and I ordered were plain and garlic.
The garlic was great !!!

There were deserts also, but I was too full , so just asked for CHai. They have beers and wines and some other drinks as well.

1F Shimokitazawa Dent Bldg. 2-23-12 Kitazawa,
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Lunch and Dinner ( They close for a while between lunch time and dinner time.)

SPICIA --- Indian Restaurant in Shimokitazawa

If you'd like to enjoy quiet dinner in Shimokitazawa, this is a recommendation. Decor is nice and simple, the dishes are delicious.

These photos are appetizers, fries and salad.


Spicia is quite new , they opened in March, I guess
The people working there are nice and friendly.


I need to work out or walk

I ate great Indian food tonight. That is nice. I had too much snacks today. This is bad.
I found new potato chips at a store, which is Wasabi & Mayonaise. mmm. I couldn't resist it.
I had KFC set for lunch, which should be high calories. Then, I found new flavor at Baskin Robbins. mmm. I couldn't resist it. Sigh. I need to walk tomorrow or work out.


Japanese Life Style in Edo Period --- Vol. 3

The tenement ordinary people lived in Edo period was quite small. The kitchen is about 1.5 mats and another room was 4.5 to 6 mats max., according to Ms. Junko Yamada's book.

There whole family lived in. There was no bath in the house, for bathing, they used public bath house. For toilet, there was also public one to be shared with people in the same area.

As you can imagine, there was not much utensils in their kitchen. Water jar, kitchen range, sink,
pots and kettles, rice bin....and probably cutting board and kitchen knife. That is all.

After cooking rice, if the wife makes a soup, that is all. There were food peddlers coming into the narrow alleys. They sell clams ( for miso soup ), cooked beans, prepared meals, fish boiled in soy sauce, pickles etc. Therefore, housewives did not have to cook. In the evenings, tofu peddlers and sardine peddlers came and for these cooking is pretty simple. People didn't have fridge those days, so everyday, these peddlers came at about same time each day.

Simple yet in a way, isn't it nice ? They probably did not waste food and appreciated everyday meal , I guess.


Japanese Life Style in Edo Period --- Vol. 2

They didn't cook much at home. I am talking about normal civilians who lived in small homes.
Ah, please think why. Will try to give you the answer in a few days !

Japanese Life Style in Edo Period --- Vol. 1

Edo period is 1603-1867. I like studying history. I mean I didn't study much during school days, but now I am so into history and I love reading historical novels, watching period dramas....
I bought a book about Edo Period ... how people were living and what tycoon was eating etc...

According to this book written by Ms. Junko Yamada, whose profession is advisor of historical authenticity for these kinds of drama making. The book is published by Jistugyo no Nihon sha.

It seems there was a ranking for fish. The highest was carp. ( We still eat carp, but I didn't know it was so highly ranked in those days.... ) No. 2 is Tai, which is sea bream, which is convincing since we eat sea bream for happy events. Then, sea fish, river fish, stream fish......

Then if tycoons or high ranked people ate fatty tuna ? Nowadays, it is one of the most expensive fish part. No, in those days, tuna was ranked lowest. Also, the fatty part was not popular. Lucky Edo cats. I am sure, those cats were happy having fatty tuna ! mmm, I ' m learning.

Inokashira Park ( Inokashira Koen ) Cherry Blossoms

During weekdays, I had little time and decided to have extended lunch time. It's such a nice season and two meetings were postponed this day, so I allowed myself to take this extra time.

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom before this weekend, so I thought it may be gone. Fortunately, they were still there.

Pepacafe Forest is the place I had lunch this day.
It is a sister restaurant of Peppermint Cafe located near the park.

This Pepacafe Forest is located in the park near the central bridge of the pond.

Their menu is Asian dishes and I had this cooked chicken with Jasmine rice, soup , salad and spring roll --- set menu.

Last year, I came here with a group of friends, but this year we could not get together.
There were several Cherry Blossom Watching parties, but I could not attend any of it this year.
As you can see in the top photo, there are people sitting on the sheets and drinking, eating.
This kind of parties last often till night. Young students often get drunk and jump into this pond.

TOTO & Boz Scaggs --- Gohan Cafe

I was invited to the concert of TOTO & Boz Scaggs last Monday.
It was the very final one for TOTO , I was lucky ! For younger people, probably they are now known, but for those who love music from 70's and 80's, this is precious one.
Before the concert, we ate dinner quickly since it would last over 3 hours starting at 7:00 p.m.
The photo is the one I ordered. Croquette dinner set with white steamed rice, pickles, miso soup. The Croquette is made of potato and Saga beef. The rice was pretty good because this is Gohan Cafe ( rice cafe ) and located next to Gohan Museum.
The concert was held the largest hall in Tokyo International Forum. It was totally full.
The music was great. Especially Boz Scaggs' songs were beautifull. He should be over 60 years old, but looked nice and cool !