Nanakusa --- Continued

After Fuki Gohan ( Japanese butterbur Rice ) and pickles, the dessert came, which was another surprise. ( Everything was using seasonal ingredients, so we were surprised by all these beautiful food. )
The dessert had tofu ! The white round stuff you can see in the left is tofu. The brown sauce is molasses. Nanakusa is wonderful place. The seats are limited, probably less than 20. So , please make a reservation in advance.
5-1-20 Daita, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo
Closed on mondays and second tuesdays.
if you know the place, 3 min. walk from Shimokitazawa station.

Nanakusa --- Continued

The left has fire-fly squid, and the fried food is also a symbolic for Spring.... Taranome's Tempura. This is known for Spring delicacy.... bit bitter.... this food is certainly for adults.
I have heard before that these bit bitter Spring food has something which detoxes bad stuff from your body which was accumulated during Winter and refresh the body system preparing for new season. The top is cooked pork with beans.
The flavor is miso ? The right is buckwheat seeds & wasabi's stem. Yes, it is bit spicy. Bit sweet with miso or soy sauce taste.

Nanakusa--- Continued

This was..... I forgot. Sorry.

These were delicacy. The left side is filled with Spring flavor.... Spring veggies.

The green peas, Urui ( I couldn't find proper translation ) and Kogomi ( another symbolic Spring green. )

Nanakusa --- Continued

This is Yuba --- Soy milk skin.
Smooth texture.

Nanakusa --- Shimokitazawa's Hermitage

Nanakusa ( translation is probably , Seven Herbs ) is located in hidden spot in Shimokitazawa.
Near Odakyu-line's railroad crossing, this small restaurant is quietly sitting. I had a very good friend of mine this week and since she came back from U.S. after nearly two years, I wanted to take her somewhere very Japanese and also little girlish.
I had tried this place before and since they have various veggie meals and also the decor was clean and restrained, I thought this must be popular more for ladies.
Yes, I was right, she really enjoyed and I was very happy seeing her joy. We enjoyed catching up with each other and it was sooooo nice to share our information, life, friends' status etc....
She was born in U.S., and brought up there, but she is also Japanese , in a way, she is bi-culture.
It is interesting how she views American life style, work style and Japanese of those.
Our pleasant night started with this green soup..... not spinach. artemisia. A Spring flavor.


Another Cherry Blossom Flavor

Another kind of Sakura Mochi.
It is called Mochi, but it is not a rice cake.
Outer shell is like a thin pancake, the inside is sweet bean jam.


Cream Puff --- Cherry Blossom Flavor

There are many more food pics I'd like to show you all. Since I take several pics a day, there are so many in my folder.

When I can find time, will try to upload.

This is another seasonal food, a cream puff with cherry blossom flavor.


Kaitenzushi--- Belt Conveyer Sushi & Spa Miki no Yu

There is a regular course when this group of golf mates get together and practice on Ohami Green Golf. We play golfing in the morning, then go to this Sushi place and have lunch and beer, then we go back to golfing again, then on the way back, we take bath at Super Sento ( Large Public Bath House, sort of Japanese Spa ) .

Yesterday, I tried to have Spring seafood at the restaurant.

The top is three kinds of prawns. The deep water shrimp was sweet and delicious. The middle is seasoned clams. Others I had were half beak, sardine, yellow tail..... This place is pretty good for the price and serves fresh seafood. Including the beer, I paid 1,800 yen. Oh , you can see the plates here. Yellow is more expensive than blue. The lowest is brown plate. We warn each other and scold buddies if somebody picks the most expensive golden plate, which is about 600 yen !!! Funny and silly, but we enjoy this whenever we visit this Sushi place.

Groumetzushi " Sotobo"
Tel: 0475-70-1661
Address: 13-4 Ohami, Ohami- Shirasato Machi, Sambu County,
Chiba Prefecture.
Open: 11::00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
They have more than 100 seats. Often you have to wait since the place is popular, but your turn comes soon. Fill out your name and number of the party on the paper sheet near the cashier.
It started raining a bit in the afternoon, so we did practice at driving range for a while, then went back to the course. After that, we headed to Spa and took the bath and relaxed. There were many local families and many of the families were in a group of three generations, I could see. Grandma with grand daughter etc..... Did a lot in a day. Ready to work hard from Monday !

Yesterday I went golfing with a friend. Originally four of us were going, but MakiMaki ( a female friend who is a patter creator of clothing company ) caught a cold, then Tamachan ( a male friend who works at insurance company and looks like Tama-chan , which was popular seal in Tama river a while ago. ) got stomach ache and cancelled, so just two of us went together. Originally we were supposed to practice first, then move onto a golf course in Narita area ( near international airport ). Well, maybe we could have gone, but Mae-san and I decided to go to a short course which is popular among us. For 3,675 yen, unlimited rounds, which is quite reasonable . There are 10 holes and all of them are short range. I hadn't played for a while, so it felt good to be on green links again.

It is about one hour drive from Tokyo. Located in Chiba prefecture.
270-1 Ohtake, Ohami -Shirasato machi, Sambu-County,
Chiba Prefecture, Japan


Golfing on Sunday

I went golfing today. Ouch. My butt is sore. Let me report on that tomorrow !