I love all kinds of food !

Just because I am introducing Japanese food here, it seems some people think that I don't like foreign food. Oh, no, don't get me wrong ! I love all kinds of food and enjoy various kinds of food.
When I stayed in U.S., I really enjoyed the foods host family cooked for me, salad bar ( where I learned fresh spinach is really good, broccoli tastes great in U.S. and sweet carrots ....mmm yummy... ) and blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing etc.....

Since I stayed in San Diego, I also learned how tasty Mexican food is. Now I am a big fan of Mexican food.

I 'd like to introduce casual Japanese food we eat at home here. I am interested in foreign home cooking also. The reason is learning about food is a way to learn the life style and the culture of that country. I love Greek food, French food, Italian food, Vietnamese food, Thai food ..... and much more..... Just because I care about food mileage lately, I try to eat local food here more than before, but I also enjoy visiting ethnic restaurants here. I would appreciate your introduction how you cook at home and what you used to eat when you were child.....

Cherry Blossom Food

In this Sakura ( Cherry Blossom ) season, if you stroll around food section in Japanese Department stores, you can see how much we love this season and Sakura ( Cherry Blossom ).
Especially in sweets section, almost every shop has Sakura related food such as cakes, candies.....
I found this sliced roll cake which has pink colored cream and cherry blossom as topping.

Weeping Cherry Tree

I found this cherry tree between Nishiazabu and Omotesando.
( Aoyama area --- Minato-ku ).

When I see pretty cherry blossoms, I appreciate that I was born
in Japan. It's so beautiful.

Full Bloom --- Cherry Blossom

This tree is on my street. This year , the full bloom came about a week earlier than normal year.
Pretty. It smells so nice.


Places for Cherry Blossom Watching in Tokyo

Here are some places I have visited in the past to enjoy Cherry Blossoms.

Hope you can have some time to enjoy this beautiful flower during your stay.

Shinjuku Gyoen ( Park ) . Yoyogi Koen ( Park ). Back Yard of Meiji Shrine ( from Sangubashi station of Odakyu line, it is 3 min. ) . Koganei Koen ( Musashi Koganai City ..... Take Chuo Line to west and get off at Musashi Koganei ). Inokashira Koen ( Park . Take Chuo Line to west and get off at Kichijoji station. Or Take Keio- Inokashira Line and get off at Inokashira Koen - Park).
Kinuta Koen ( Park. I forgot the nearest station, but it is in Setagaya-Ku. ) Chidorigafuchi. ( I think it is near British Embassy.)

Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry blossoms are blooming in Tokyo. It is getting warmer and I can smell cherry blossoms.
Nice season ! Wait a moment, please. Will try to show you beauty of those shortly.