Yokosuka Walk

After the lunch, I kept walking. Probably I walked about an hour or less ?

Nice walk along the coast line toward Mabori Kaigan station. Enjoy the photo.

I saw cherry blossom started blooming !
Spring has come !

Thanks to the couple and Sora & Riku

At the restaurant's terrace table, I spoke with the couple who owned these dogs. They were very friendly and I enjoyed the conversation. It seems the husband just retired from his work.
According to them, the husband spent more then 20 years in overseas for his work. I learned about Indonesia's current situation and how he lived there.

These dogs are friendly also. The top is younger , Riku ( land ) 11 months. The bottom is 4 years old, Sora ( sky ). Riku acts like a

little boy and Sora is well-mannered and quiet.

We talked about current Japanese food situation also !
The wife said interesting thing, which I agreed. Nowadays, Japanese people are too nervous about food. In old days, we didn't count on the stamped dates and tried to smell the food to know if the food is still edible or not. Her point is that people's senses are getting blunt. Yes, somebody else also said similar thing. If you are surrounded by nature, the senses are sharper. You can smell well, taste well.....

Yokosuka Museum of Art

It was such a pleasant day today. The temparture was almost like April. I guess highest temparture today was about 19 centigrade ?
So nice. Thursday was national holiday , but I worked all day. Also the past several weekends, I mostly worked. I needed to refresh myself.

It is nice season ! I visited Yokosuka Museum of Art. I enjoy various places, but visiting museum is one of my favourite activities. The museum is rather new, it was built last year. Their collection is early modern and modern. There is another wing which holds Rokuro Taniuchi's collection. Rokuro Taniuchi's paintings are well known in Japan. His drawings were used for weekly magazine ( Shukan Shincho ) for many years.
His work describes every day life of Japanese and picks up nice frames from usual life of those days. For 300 yen admission, I totally enjoyed this art-filled morning. The photos below are the shots from the museum. It is located across from Keikyu Kannonzaki Hotel and in front of the museum, you can see the ocean. You can go up to the roof of the building and the roof top is connected to the park. Next time, I 'd like to leave Tokyo early enough and do hiking here !

On the way back to the station ( I got off at Mabori Kaigan on Keihin Kyuko ) , I wanted to have nice seafood lunch. Found a good place called Yamani Restaurant and Inn. I enjoyed the food and conversation with middle aged couple. They were with their two cute dogs ( Sora & Riku ).
The photo below is my lunch.

Yokosuka Museum of Art:
I took Keikyu ( Keihin Kyuko) from Shinagawa station. Transferred at Horinouchi and got off at Mabori Kaigan. You can take a bus from the station , which is bound for Kannonzaki ( Cape Kannon ) and get off at Keikyu Kannonzaki Hotel & Yokosuka Museum of Art. For details, please check their website.

Restaurant Yamani:
Along with the coast line. They have nice terrace table. In this season, the terrace is recommended ! ( I was lucky since I was able to share the seat with the couple. )
1-2-21 Hashirimizu, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Tel: 0468-41-0785

British Weeks --- Baby's Celebration

The past two weeks have been sort of British weeks for me.
The reason is there were three gatherings related to U.K.
1) - BCCJ Party: British Chamber of Commerce in Japan held a cozy party on Wednesday last week. A friend who works at the sponsor company invited us.... several friends. Thanks to him !
2) - Baby Born Celebration & Open House at friends' house. The friend is the employee of British company and the husband is working at British company and British ( actually Scottish ).
3) There was an Alien event --- supported by British Council.
See, now you know why I called these weeks British !!??? The photos here are the open house party. In order to protect baby ( !), I will not show the faces here, but he is sooooo cute ! There were many people and I made some new friends again and also met some old friend by accident !
The top photo is wedding cake of theirs. Is this Scottish tradition ? According to them, they keep the cake( one layer ) in the freezer and cut it when their first baby came. Isn't that nice ?


Homemade Marmalade, Firefly Squids for Dinner

Today's dinner is here. A kind business associate and friend delivered homemade marmalade this afternoon. Top left, you can see orange marmalade nest to butter. According to him, it is made of three kinds of orange, Japanese small orange, Orange from Wakayama prefecture and Californian orange. It is delicious !
The top right is chicken salad with corn and celery. the purplish oval foods are firefly squids with the sauce made of miso and vinegar , which is from Toyama prefecture. It is much tenderer than regular squid. The eyeballs are bit hard to chew. I enjoyed the seasonal flavors and got back to work again. Today was holiday here. It is Spring Equinox Day. Some people visit their ancestors' graves to say hello on this day. I haven't done it for a while. Grandmother, grandfather and other ancestors.... forgive me ! I worked a lot today !

Rainy Day in Tokyo

It is raining here in Tokyo. Once it got really warm and Spring like. It is cold again now.
There is a cherry blossom tree on my street, I can see some of the flowers started blooming already. Spring is here, hope we can have sunny day over weekend.


Software Installation

It took a few hours to install new antivirus software this morning. Then, I had to leave for a seminar. When I came back , A few more adjustments were needed.

mmm, please wait a day or two. Will upload new posts soon !

Oh, the seminar for digital contents was great. I learned a lot.