Shanghai Trip IV

This is not in Shanghai, but a part of the trip, though.
I had this sushi set menu before the departure.
Hikarimono set. Hikarimono means those shining fish.
Iwashi ( sardine), Saba ( mackerel ), Aji ( Japanese horse mackerel), Kohada ( gizzard shad ) etc...
This time I departed from Terminal 2 of Narita Airport, so this place was Sushiden. Counter and tables & seats like regular sushi shop. It was nice. However, if I am asked, I would say, before the trip, I prefer Terminal 1's Kaisen Misakiko 's belt-conveyer sushi. The reason ? mmm, each has clear price, you don't have to ask people, you can just pick up from the conveyer and actually,. Kaisen Misakiko carries pretty good sushi for belt-conveyer place. I think before the trip, I must be thinking lots of things especially if it is business, maybe that is why..... Anyways, if you like to try the final sushi before your departure at Terminal 2 of Narita Airport. This is the place to go.
Terminal 2, Narita Airport.

Travel Tips --- Airplane I

These days, I fly several times a year at most, but I used to be on flights quite often.
Therefore, I think I know how to enjoy the flights and decided to share my tips with you.

Today, I'd like to write how to eat on flights. Eat very lightly. Yet , I love eating, so I tend to finish all the things served on the flights. However, ideally, it is better to eat very light.
Try to eat veggies , seafood, fruits. Drink lots of water. These days, the authority is strict about the liquids to carry in, but if it is within the terminal ( after the clearance of immigration/ customs ) , you can buy a bottle of water and bring it to the plane. If I can, I try to buy the big bottle of water. If it is long flight, buy 1 litter or more. Of course, you can always ask flight attendants, but it is better to have it in your seat pocket. If you drink alcohol on the plane, it works three times well compared to on the ground. So, please watch yourself and if you had any alcohol, again , drink lots of water and try to cleanse your body. Walk through the seats once in a while to stretch your self. The food is usually served 1.5 hour after take off and 2 hours before landing. So, check the timing. It is better to avoid to go to bathroom while the food is being served since flight attendants are busy. Flying east is more tiring for the body. So, try to sleep on the flight if you can. If you cannot, try to expose yourself to sunlight after the arrival and your body clock will adjust it to the local time. This is sometimes difficult, I know. By the time your body is adjusted, it is about time you go back home. Well, I will keep writing about this kind of tips, so hope it helps you in the future.

Shanghai Trip III

Gerry , the colleague suggested to go to French Concession. In this area, French people used to live. It was great. Nice French ambiance, I enjoyed.

In this restaurant, you will enjoy the mixture of Chinese & Western decor.

Chian Kai Shek and his wife ( Song Meiling , daugter of Son Weng who led Chinese Revolution ) used to live in this house. I thought about the history.
Now I feel like to read some Chinese history book. The food was delicious. I ordered this photo, curried lamb. The menu seems to be international...since they had Yorkshire pudding also.

Sasha's ( in French Concession = Old French District )
11 Dongping Lu (corner of Hengshan Lu), Shanghai
Tel: (021) 64746628 Fax: (021) 64679403

Pudong Shangri-La Hotel

This should be easily found in your guide book, so I will not write detailed address.

The hotel is very nice. As you can see spacious room with nice decor. It seems configuration is different by the tower. I stayed in Tower 2. The bath room had TV set built in the wall. So, the night I arrived ( although I checked in around 11:30 p.m.), I couldn't resist to check the TV while taking bath. ( The bath salts were prepared there. ) One thing I noticed is there are always plenty of people to serve. Anywhere. At the airport, I checked convenience store, gift shop, there are always people to help you. In the lobby of this hotel also, guards, hotel men, doormen etc.... Interesting. They are very polite and kind.

The bed is firm and I have sometimes back pain,but it felt comfortable here. The pillows are really feathery.

Shanghai Trip II

I stayed in Pudong area, which is located east of Huang River.
The area used to marshes. Now the area is developed and center of finance and commerce. There are many high rise buildings in the business district and also hotels. The band I briefly mentioned in the previous post has European style buildings which were built from late 19 centuries to early 20 centuries. Many of those buildings are formerly banks' and trading companies such as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, Jardine Matheson, Glen Line, Sassoon etc...
If you are interested in architecture, you will enjoy these.

The charm of Shanghai is this mixture of East and West, Old and New. I enjoyed watching those local girls who are dressed stylishly. They must be in one of the well-off classes in China.

This was my second time to visit this city, first time I visited touristic places. Where are those photos ??? Some day, I will dig them out and try to upload here for you all. I didn't have much time to go out this time. Just nights and lunch time only. Still, like this lunch time by the river, I enjoyed being in the city. The photo below is the lunch I had at the restaurant called " Red Dot ". If you exit Shangri-La hotel from the back door and walk to the river side, you can easily spot the place. The logo is red dot. One of the restaurants by the river walk. I was with business associates and we tried to avoid others since they were STAR BUCKS, Italian restaurant.... The lunch I had is actually not local food. Hainan Chicken Rice with Chicken Soup..... For those Singaporean people, this should be familiar... I always enjoy the ginger sauce.... Yum.... Shanghai Photos will be continued...


Shanghai Trip I

Please enjoy these photos for now. As you can see , there are many high rise buildings being built.
River view is beautiful especially the other side , called "band" has beautiful architecture lined up. These are historical buildings.
Since I do not have much time before weekend. Let me explain it over weekend or next week !


Shanghai Trip

I just came back from business trip last night. Will show you some pictures from there.
Please look forward to them ! Right now, I am busy to follow up with the trip and also to catch up with the work I left here in Tokyo. Please be patient !


March 3 is Girls' Festival --- Hinamatsuri

March 3 is Hinamatsuri. It is not a national holiday or there is no big event for this,but this is traditional home event day. When girls are born in Japan, grand parents or parents buy Hina-ningyo ( dolls set in somewhere in the house toward March 3. ) to the newly born baby girl. In my case, it was given by my father's side's grand mother. There are various kinds from big one which has many dolls and small one like this photo. ( This photo is actually candy box sold at super market for the season. )
People wish their daughter will have happy marriage and happy life in the future. It is said if you put the decoration early enough and put it away right after March 3, the daughter will find husband early. Well, look around you and see how the ladies around you handled this festival and dolls. Don't ask them though, if they are single. You might get sued for harassment or get killed !!! ( Half joking ). You will probably see crackers and tri-color ( green, white , pink ) confectionary at the shops before this day.