Sakura Mochi --- Cherry Cake with Bean Jam

I love this kind of seasonal savor. This is a symbol of Spring.
Sakura mochi --- colored in baby pink. Inside is bean jam.
The outer shell is cherry leaf , which is salted. So, when I eat this,
I eat the whole thing including the leaf. Salty leaf and sweet cake
will be mixed in the mouth..... mmm, yummy... also, the cherry leaf has nice, leafy aroma..... The inner shell wrapping the bean jam is made of flour.


Chinese Restaurant Akasaka Rikyu

If you live in Shin Yurigaoka or somewhere close there such as some town on Odakyu Line, you probably go to Shin Yurigaoka for shopping or movies. Hotel Molino ( waterwheel in Spanish) is 1 min. from the station.
If you go out South Exit, the hotel is immediately on your left.
Go up to 7th floor. There is quiet restaurant floor, where you can have conversations in peaceful atmosphere.
About 2 weeks ago, I had lunch with my aunt. Originally we were going to have dinner at night, but the weather forecast said that snow might come. So, we changed the plan. Nice restaurant with nice service. They serve you Chinese tea. Appetizers, deep fried spring roll, soup , shrimp and veggies , dessert. I think we ordered weekly special or daily lunch.... I don't remember. They were all very good. Shin Yurigaoka has other casual places as well, but when you'd like to try little upscale place, this is a recommendation.
Akasaka Rikyu in Hotel Molino
Tel: 044-953-5111
7F, Hotel Molino Shin Yurigaoka
1-1-1 Kami Aso, Aso-Ku, Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa Prefecture

M's Papa --- Roast Beef Restaurant

Last Friday, I went to this restaurant with a local friend.

This place is still new , opened around last November.

Shimokitazawa is lively town,but sometimes too much for adults.

While you are still in 20's, it should be all right. If you are over 30s, sometimes you feel like sitting in quiet place where you can enjoy conversation. This is good place for that kind of people.
We ordered course menu , which is 2,800 yen for 5 dishes as shown in the photo. Appetizer ( smoked oysters and crunchy deep fried lotus root) , pumpkin soup, salad, roast beef and ice cream. They have various other a-la carte menu also. If you would like to take roast beef home, they have menu to go also. Food was delicious and price was reasonable. Decor was making sober atmosphere, the bath room was very clean and smelled nice with aroma oil.
Restaurant M's Papa:
3-34-6 Kitazawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo
11:30a.m. -9:00p.m.

When There is Nothing In the Fridge

Note: I just found out Nespas is spelled Nespace !

Nothing special in the fridge. I made this pasta using tomato sauce , parsley, tuna and some condiment( the photo left below).

Canned or boxed tomato sauce 1 cup ( I used paper-boxed one)
Canned tuna ( small ) , Garlic 1 clove, Salt & Pepper, Kagura karakko ( anchovi would work ) , Olive oil, Pasta , Parsley

1. Boil water and sprinkle salt into it and cook pasta.
2. Crush the garlic and put in the pan.
3. Add olive oil into the pan ( 1 table spoon ) and start cooking the garlic.
4. Add chopped parsley ( about 1 table spoon) and keep cooking.
5. Add tuna ( if there is water or oil, damp it )
6. Add tomato sauce.
7. Cook the above well. Add anchovy paste or Kagura Karakko.
8. Mix with cooked pasta.
Kagura Karakko is the product from Niigata prefecture, which I found lately at Nespas Omotesando. There is some Antenna shop of Niigata products. I was thinking about Anchovy paste or chopped anchovy to add into this, but realized there is none in the fridge. Then tried this Kagura Karakko. Worked very well. It is made of salt and regional chili pepper. Spicy paste.
It is similar to..... not exactly Tabasco, but in a way milder Tabasco with rich taste.
FYI, Nespas is located behind Omote Sando Hills. Of course, if you are in Niigata Prefecture, you can find it easily.


Nakau --- Kamatama Udon

Yesterday, first gale of the spring came, which is the sign of the spring. When I walked on the street, gusty wind started blasting in the afternoon. mmm. It seems my flu is gone, but now hay fever season is starting. It makes difference if I have enough sleep and eat nutoritious food. Will try to stay in healthy life style so that hay fever will be gone.
Last weekend and Monday, I had little fever and couldn't move.
Still, there was one meeting I had to attend. On the way home, I felt hungry, but didn't feel like cooking. I got off at Yoyogi Uehara station and visited NAKAU, Yoyogi Uehara branch of their chain. The photo is 390 yen, Kamatama Udon. Simple udon with fresh egg , green onion. The egg is cold, the udon is hot. You mix them well in the bowl and pour some noodle sauce over it.
Yum ! It gave me energy to keep on going ! Nakau is Japanese first food chain restaurants.
I would recommend their Oyakodon also. ( Chcken & Egg rice bowl) When you go into the shop,
there is a vending machine. Buy the ticket for your meal before having seat.
Nakau- Yoyogi Uehara
It is located underpass of Odakyu Line's rail track.
24 hour open and there are some menus to go also.