Sushi - Arahisa

This is a recommendation if you visit Toranomon area.
Great lunch selection with three kinds of fish.
I selected the one below left. Kampachi, Kohada and another( I forgot). The yellow one is egg. Underneath, there is sumeshi( vinegared rice). Delicious ! With miso soup, 1350 yen.

The quality of fish is wonderful !

The shop is located on narrow alley, so it is better to make sure the location on the map before you visit. Their shop is small. Yet, over 1,000 yen for lunch seems to be bit expensive for Japanese salaried workers. So, you can be seated without waiting. I'd like to visit them again soon.
( Don't get me wrong. I usually stick with less than 1,000 yen lunch ! Just wanted to say, because of that, this place was not packed. )

Urban Toranomon Bldg.
1-16-4 Toranomon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan


Karasumi- Botargo ( Fish Egg of Mullet )

I will check it if it is Japanese or Chinese Food, or if anybody knows, please advise. At least, we call it KARASUMI in Japanese.
Feng Shui Specialist or Geomancer, Ms. Ling gave this to me. She was studying Chinese for a month or so this winter in Taiwan. This was her souvenir.
This is delicacy. I will show it to you again when I eat it. Extremely busy still, so let me go back to work for now. See you soon.

Will be back soon !

I caught a flu and have been sick since Sunday. Therefore, I couldn't move yesterday. Am trying to catch up with the work which is behind the schedule. Will be back shortly. Please come back again in a few days !