Basil Beef with Popato and Rice

This is easy. Looks pretty Western,but I used a bit of soy sauce.
Sliced Beef ( as much as you like )
Potato ( same as above)
Olive Oil, Dried Basil, Salt Pepper
This is based on the recipe by Ms. Remi Hirano ( her cook book).
Yet, I changed little bit.
1. Heat water in a deep pan and cook potatoes. ( you don't have to peel. Especially if they are new season's baby potatoes. Just throw in the pan and cook . )
2. When the potatoes are cooked, take them out and slice.
3. Sprinkle salt and pepper with the beef. Put the beef into olive oil & basil. ( marinate for 10 min. )
4. Heat the pan and cook the beef first. Then take the beef out. Add sliced potatoes and sprinkle salt & pepper a bit.
5. Place beef and potatoes on the plate. Place rice also. Add little soy sauce over both beef and potatoes. Yum !
( You could use butter when you fry potatoes. )
Busy, busy..... I am attending a party tonight to see a friend who moved to Iwate. She is in town for a while. Tomorrow, I am visiting my friend and her new-born baby...... Right now, I am working......This blog is a break.


Mekabu & Dried Mackerel ( with Grated Radish)

These are probaby very Japanese. It looks like elderly people's meal. Above right is green tea. The middle one is the cooked ( in a pan with sesame oil ) dried mackerel. It is already salted, so I didn't add any soy sauce. Some people need soy sauce though. ( Again, I don't like salty food much, so usually don't add any soy sauce to this kind of fish. ) The bed of the fish is grated radish. Pretty good to me. Above left is rice with Mekabu.... I don't know the proper word for this. The topping is grated ginger. I used the attached sauce and Yuzu ponzu ( Yuzu lemon or lime juice with soy sauce). Mekabu is suppoed to be nutritious since it is the root part of seaweed , whose role is to produce spores. It has algin acid, minerals, EPA, iron etc.... sticky,but feels healthy. Similar to this is..... probably Okura. ( the green veggie.)


Sashimi Salad / Potato and Wakame Miso Soup

There are lots of pics and I can't catch up with the speed that I myself take those food pics !!!
This is Sashimi Salad and Miso Soup dinner that I had on Monday. I found the package which gathered bits of fish cuts and made salad from that. Green lettuce as bed, as dressing I mixed Yuzu Ponzu (yuzu juice & soy sauce ) , olive oil and some Wasabi.
For miso soup, I used slieced potato and wakame ( seaweed ). I have to go out now. See you soon.


Flower from the Festival

I bought this tiny flower pot as souvnir also.
Although we have had several snow this month,
plum blossoms and this kind of colorful flowers are the signs of spring....it is coming !

Ume Karinto --- Japanese Molded Confection

I bought this Karinto at the festival. This is plum flavoured Karinto. Karinto is made of flour, sugar, salt and baking soda etc.
Deep fried sweet snack. Crunchy and yummy.
This has slight plum taste. Had it with green tea. Well, after another post, I should get back to work. ( It's been working weekend. This visit to the park was quite refreshing for me. )

Plum Blossom

Some were blooming beautifully.

There was a plant shop area also.

Hanegi Park --- Ume ( Plum Blossom Festival )

I went to Hanegi Park near Umegaoka Station on Odakyu line today. A local friend and I met at the station and then went onto the park. Ume-Matsuri ( Plum Blossom Festival ) is being held this month through Feb. 24.

It is national holiday today, so there were many people getting off at Umegaoka and walk towards the park.

As usual, the first thing we did was to " eat " !!!
We had these food shown here on the left. From left, Okonomiyaki ( Japanese style pancake containing vegetables and other stuff ) , Hot Sake , Croquettes, Vienna sausage.

This park has several sections.
In the grove of plum trees, this red buds are almost blooming.
Probably because of the several snow we had in the past few weeks, only 30% were blooming.


Clean Up Soup --- using ingredients left in the fridge

Maybe not so quick, but definitely easy.
Carrot, Ham, Green Veggies, Pumpkin, Garlic and Macaroni.
All the veggies were in my fridge. Half carrot, a block of pumkin....
I used all of these with ham and macaroni.
1. Cut the ham. I used about 100 grams.
2. Cut carrot, pumpkin and slice two cloves of garlic.
3. Heat a pot and pour a table spoon of olive oil. Cook the ham.
4. Add hard veggies such as carrot, pumpkin and garlic. Keep cooking.
5. Add 2 to 3 cups of water. Bring it to boil. Add 2 tea spoons of granullated soup stock powder.
6. When the hard veggies are well cooked. Add green veggies and macaroni.
7. Cook for another 10 min.
8. Try the soup and add salt and pepper depending on your taste.
Now the fridge is clean. You can have healthy soup !