Tamago Zohsui --- Rice Porridge with Egg

Actually this is littel different from porridge. Zohsui is thicker than porridge.

Anyways, this morning it was bit cold and I wanted to use up ingredients left in the fridge and also wanted to have something hot.

Spinach 3 stalks
Egg 1
Rice 1 cup
Dashi Powder 1 table spoon
Miso Paste 1/2 table spoon
Kagura Karakko ( Niigata Prefecture's Seasoning/ made of rice malt & salt) 1 tea spoon
Water 2, 3 cups

1. Boil water and bring it to boil.
2. Pour Dashi powder ( Japanese soup stock powder ).
3. Add rice and spinach. When they are cooked, put out fire.
4. Add miso. ( resolve in the hot water).
5. Put the fire again. Stir well.
6. Just before putting out the fire, add beaten egg.
7. Put 6 into the bowl. Add Kagura Karakko. ( Shichimi chili powder, Yuzukosho could work also. )

Tonight, it is snowing again in Tokyo.


Roasted Soy Beans with Kompeito

The above is the beans I ate on February 3, Setsubun Day. Don't try to count the number of beans !!! (That is my age. )

On Sunday, we had snow again. Because of this, they had to cancel the event.
It's been hectic, so will try to upload more photos tomorrow or over the weekend. Please wait a moment.


Setsubun --- The Traditional End of Winter

Today is Setsubun. The old calenderic day of the ending Winter. Dividing seasons --- Setsu is like section, bun is like to divide. It is said in this seasonal change, evil spirits tend to come to you , so you need to ward them off. That is the bean throwing and this decoration at the entrance.
The green leaves are sprig of holly. I don't know if you can see small dried sardine on the top of the stick. The leaves are so sharp and sardine is smelly, so this is supposed to ward off the evil spirits. I don't see this decoration very often, but I like this kind of seasonal events, so bought it when I saw it at super market. Tonight I am going to eat Ehomaki ( lucky direction sushi-roll ).
This custom is from Kansai ( Western ) region. You eat the sushi-roll facing the good direction of the year. ( I heard it is South-southeast this year ). Wishing you all good luck !


The two photos here are from Tengu Matsuri ( long-nosed demon)'s Festival. This festival is held every year around this time --- around Setsubun. I will explain about Setsubun later.
So, yesterday there were many people who were waiting for Tengu. It is translated into demon,but this demon seems to be protecting our town by warding off evil spirits. After the speech of the program director, the lucky guys who are wearing the white hats started throwing the roasted soy beans. This is the custom of Setsubun. People tried to catch the beans because it means catching the luck or fortunes.
mmm, I couldn't get it and later on one of the lucky guys were handing beans to children, so I came up to him and asked for a few. Well, hope it works for me !
The top is the packaged soy beans I bought at store. That cute red devil is the symbol of evil spirit. You are supposed to eat the same number of beans as your age wishing health and prosperity. I have to eat XX beans. Also at night, you throw the beans shouting " Fortunes in, Demons out !!! " ( Fuku wa uchi, Oni wa soto !!!). Can you see the Tengu in the photo below ?