TENGU MATSURI ( Festival )

Wow. So many people on the street. When I arrived the street ( the route Tengu = long-nosed goblin was supposed to walk ) was already filled with people. mmm. Where should I go ???

I have to go back to work, so let me show you little more later or tomorrow. It seems there will be Japanese drum show in front of Peacock store tomorrow. It says starting at 12:00. If you have time, come to Shimokitazawa and enjoy the show !


Shochu Oyuwari with Umeboshi

Can you tell what this is ?
This is Shochu( Distilled Sprit). The red one at the bottom of the glass is Umeboshi - pickled plum.
When it is cold, mixing hot water with shochu is popular .
Putting pickled plum is also popular. It's been hectic week for me.
I was very tired and didn't want to go out even this Friday night.
So, made this to treat myself. Sort of night cap for me.
I made this with the ratio of 20% shochu: 30% boiled hot water:50% water. After pouring the water, you crush the plum and enjoy shochu with plum's sour flavour. relaxing !
There are various kind of shochu. I usually drink mugi ( barley) shochu. I also like chestnut one and shiso one ( Japanese Basil ) . Imo ( made of sweet potato ) is probably most common, but it has strong smell. I do drink it sometimes ,but not my favorite. Kome ( rice ) is also good.
Well, it is like hot wine of Japanese version.


I saw this big TENGU near Shimokitazawa station today on the way back home. This is Tengu - long-nosed goblin.
Tomorrow TENGU MATSURI will be held in this town.
Will try to show you some photos. Look foward to it !


Taco Ball Cooker

Ms. Akiko Nakagami is super lady who has been ranked for Forbes's Japanese top 50 entrepreneurs. She is going to introduce this Taco Ball Cooker to Australia, so if you are in Australia, look forward to it !
I visited her office the other day and she showed me how this cooker works. As you can see the center part has legs around it and those legs keep rolling the Taco Balls. After you put the ingredients into the each pit, the rest will be controlled by the cooker ! That was fun to watch.
Also, there were various ingredients prepared by her such as octopus ( of course ), onion, ground meat, cherry tomato etc.... maybe you can put cheese and make pizza ball !?? It was soooo good.
I'd like to buy one for my home.
When you have party, you can enjoy cooking the balls and also watching them moving !
( They look cute. )
The cooking seemed to be quite eco-friendly. The cooker was clean ( no residue ) and you will not need much cleanser.
Hope next time I visit Australia, people are enjoying Taco Ball
in Australian style.


Baby Shower for a Friend

The above is sushi-roll made by a girl who is becoming a mom.
It has salmon, egg, cucumber, crabmeat, shiitake..... delicious.
You dip this a bit into soy sauce.
In the photo here, Leila is getting tired of handling many lady guests......

Yesterday, we had " Baby Shower " for a friend. 6 girls gathered to celebrate her expected baby. Every body is in different industry and has attractive personalty. Educated in different field, different countries. I know Baby Shower is American thing,but we wanted to celebrate the girl and also enjoy the conversation. I made some new friends there, who I enjoyed talking with. I am sure this group will get together again in the near future and have more fun ! There were several kinds of finger food mostly prepared by another friend, I brought 12 pieces of small bite size strawberry pies. Other dishes were guacamole and chips, makizushi ( sushi rolls ), salmon and sour cream on toasts, mushroom & choriso, cream puffs from Beard Papa..... It was a lot of good food. I didn't have to eat dinner that night.

After the feast, this cake was presented. Wow ! There are gold leaves on the strawberries.

Lots of good food ! Now, we look forward to seeing her baby soon.