Matcha Kuzuyu --- Green tea Kuzu drink

The green tea shop near my place was selling this the other day. This is another dessert or drink which is enjoyed in Winter. Thick gel ( jelly like ) drink warms you up. The green color powder ( green tea , sugar and powdered arrowroot ) is in the packet.

You put the powder into the cup and add boiled hot water.
Stir well.

Yukimi-nabe ( Snow Viewing Japanese Nabe )

When we say " nabe" as cuisine, it means this sort or casserole. There are various kinds of nabe cooking and those are popular in Winter.

On the day we had snow here, I wanted to have some nabe, which warms me up. I decided to make " Yukimi-nabe." Yukimi means snow viewing. I don't think there is no specific recipe for Yukimi-nabe, just one thing you shouldn't forget is to put grated daikon-radish. ( Japanese radish ) The grated radish looks like snow. Anyways, I prepared Chinese cabbage and thinly sliced pork.

Dashi soup powder.
Thinly sliced pork. 100 grams.
Chinese cabbage. 3, 4 leaves broken by hands. Several slices of ginger.
Water . Grated radish. ( I prepared about 3 cups ) Yuzu Soy sauce. ( Ponze- Yuzu lemon juice and soy sauce )

1. Put some dashi powder and water into the nabe.
2. Put sliced ginger into the nabe. Wait till it is boiled.
3. Add grated radish, pork and Chinese cabbage. Cook them.
4. Prepare a small bowl with Yuzu Soy sauce.
Enjoy ! Scoop the pork and cabbage with grated radish and put in the bowl.
Add some Yuzu soy sauce. Yummy ! You'll feel so warm.


Nissin's Cup Noodle , Fruit & Veggie Juice

This is my mid-night snack today. mmm, I' m still working after 1:00 a.m. Can't finish the task I planned for today......
I went to convenience store and bought these to keep me awake.
Chilly night, that worked. This cup noodle must be new one, " Negi-shio Buta Kalbi "( scallion, salt, grilled pork flavor ) . It tastes good. mmm, I am going back to work now. Hope I can finish this task within today.


Tofu Lasagna --- Easy Recipe

There was some small tofu package left in the fridge.
Wanted to use up that. Easy lasagna and Taro potato bread (with butter ).
1 Mini Tofu ( If it is normal or big size, cut it .) Cut into long sticks.
( It is better to put it on paper towel and wipe the water before cooking. )
50 to 70 grams of Ground meat ( beef and pork mixed, anything is fine.)
1 cup of Tomato sauce ( I used bottled one.)
Cheese , Olive oil, Dried Herbs (I used Thyme and Sage for this. Oregano could be good also.)
Salt, Pepper, Granular Bouillon
1. Heat the pan. Pour 1 table spoon of olive oil , start cooking meat.
2. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper over the meat.
3. Add a pinch of herbs.
4. Add tomato sauce and granular bouillon ( about 1 tea spoon )
5. Keep cooking till it starts boiling.
6. Place tofu in the baking dish. 7. Pour above "5" over tofu. Put cheese on it.
7. Place the dish into the oven or oven toaster. I used oven toaster this time and set the timer for 20 min. Healthy lasagna is now ready ! It could become watery depending on TOFU. Put tofu on paper towel and wait till the extra water is gone , if you'd like it less watery. Because of that little water and olive oil, I did not spread any olive oil or butter in the baking dish. ( It was OK without it. )

It is snowing today.

Tokyo is covered with white snow today.
I took this photo little before lunch time.
It is cold, but I enjoy this sort of seasonal weather.


Strawberry Shortcake from Second House

I got this urge for strawberry shortcake and wondered.
Where is the good cake shop ? Which one is popular lately ?
In college days, we ( my friends and myself ) used to check magazines and often visited newly opened shops for cakes and others. Well, I didn't want go too far today. " Patisserie Takagi"was a recommendation when I asked around. Yes, it is well known one. There should be many others in Tokyo,but decided to go local today.
This shop is originally from Kyoto. You can have coffee, tea and cakes inside the shop. I asked for this shortcake and ate at home. Yes, it was delicious !
Second House @ Shimokitazawa
Tel: 03-3481-0401
Address: 2-26-14 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


These two are the ones I bought at Boro-Ichi the other day. Especially I like the colors of these. There were other colors as well such as red, green..etc.... The length is adjustable.
The design is casual , yet not rough.
Well balanced. It goes well with casual wear and also with white open color shirt in suits.
Produced by Le Velo Indigo.
Hope I can find their items near my area again.

I must be stingy --- Bento Box

Sometimes, small thing makes me so happy.
This is one example..... I must be stingy.
I bought this lunch box at Origin Bento ( they have many stores in Tokyo, you must have seen the pink and navy logo ) . Deep fried white fish, Chikuwa ( another kind of fish sausage. it has hole in the center ) and seasoned bonito flake is spread on the rice. small box, but it filled me.... only 300 yen. Isn't this great ? I admit that I am stingy.....
FYI, this is called " Nori-Bento" ( Dried lavar seaweed lunch box ) . Origin has many others.

Setagaya Boro-Ichi --- Flea Market

If you have a chance during December or January, please try this market in Setagaya. ( It's twice a year . ) Fun to stroll around even if you don't buy anything special, you would enjoy the traditional flea market ambiance and at least grab some snack. Boro-ichi 's boro is from rag, ichi means market. This specific flea market, Boro-Ichi has been here for over 400 years.

Originally, started with literally " rag", but now there you can see various kinds of materials being sold from food to household alter. The photo above is the area plants and flowers are sold.
On the narrow array toward this area, I was sipping Amazake ( hot drink made from sakekasu) ,
a man selling kitchen utensils talked me and poured little sake into the cup . Thank you ! ( wait a moment, though, it is weekday morning....!!! I have to go back to the office for work , sir !!)
At this fish shop, I bought 4 pieces of salted salmon, which the shop wanted to sell as 1,000 yen for 8 pieces. I didn't need that much, so asked the owner and negotiated, which I succeeded.

At Origin Bento, usually lunch box seller, they had this Tonjiru ( miso-soup with pork and vegetables ) selling a cup for 100 yen. I had this for breakfast. ( I had to come back to the office quickly, so ran to this market early morning. ) Tonjiru warmed me up.

At this shop, I bought two pendant necklaces. I will show them in the blog later, so please look forward to it ! They are lovely and I wear it almost everyday now. There were other pretty ones also, but I was bit scared to spend too much there, so after talking to the creator & owner, left there and went on.

There were many people despite of the early morning time. Next one will be held on December 15 & 16, 2008. If you are in Setagaya area, please try ! It is between Setagaya and Kamimachi on Setagaya-line ( small private train which runs between Sangenjaya and Shimotakaido ).