Apple Toast

This winter, my neighbour gave me a lot of apples he received from Nagano prefecture. Thanks to him. I ate many of them. Still there are some apples left in the fridge. So, I made this apple toast. Original recipe is from Comic Book " Oishimbo" 's recipe book.
"Oishimbo" is great comic book which pursues the world of food.
The leading character is the journalist in charge of food section at the news paper company. His father is well known charismatic
food specialist. The leading character and his father shows battles through food, for example,
if the theme is APPLE, they try to show the best cooking of apple and the readers are drawn into their world being curious who wins this time.....
half apple ( if it is small one, use the whole apple )
sugar, butter
1. cut apple into bite size.
2. put some butter and the apple into the pan and add some sugar. ( depends how sweet you would like to make it. i put 2 table spoons of sugar.)
3. cook the apple till the apple's edges become round. ( don't cook too long, the apple will be too soggy. )
4. toast breads, spread butter, put cooked apple on the breads. yummy !

January 11 is the day for Kagamibiraki

Kagami-biraki is cutting Kagami-mochi. Kagami-mochi ( previous photo) is new year's offerings to God. A knife cannot be used for this.
One says it is because God does not like knife , one says it is because it cuts off good luck.... I am not sure. Anyways, my small Kagami-mochi was sealed in plastic package ( very modern ) and the explanation on the pack said " use a knife to cut the package" !
I peeled the package after cutting the edge and used top half for Goma-mochi. ( sesame rice cakes ) Shown on the left in the photo. I 2 tea spoons of sugar and 1 table spoon of grated sesame seeds. I will probably use the bottom half for Osihruko. (made of red beans --- sweet soup like dessert. )


Cheese Macaroni

I don't know the proper name of this.
During new year holidays, I kept eating Japanese new year feast and rice cakes.
Toward the end of the holidays, I really missed Western food. I made this Cheese Macaroni.
( In the photo, chestnuts on the top left, Chinese cabbage's hot salad on the top right.)
Cheese Macaroni:
macaroni --- 40 to 50 grams ( as much as you want )
1 egg
1/2 cup of milk
1 cupful cheese ( any cheese which would be good for this )
1. Cook macaroni in boiled water ( put some salt )
2. Beat egg in a bowl and add milk. Add half of the cheese.
3. Spread butter inside the baking dish.
4. Put the macaroni and sprinkle salt & pepper.
5. Pour "2" above over the macaroni. Add remaining cheese over it.
6. Put " 5" into the heated oven . ( 180 degrees) Cook for 15 to 20 min. till the top turns golden brown.
Simple and nice.

Kinako ( Soy Bean Flour) Mochi ( Rice Cake )

I had Kinakomochi ( Left in the photo )yesterday. Easy to make.
Grill rice cakes. Soak them into hot water. Drain off the water. Dress powder onto rice cakes. ( mix soy bean flour and sugar. I usually put 2 table spoons of soy bean flour and 1 table spoon of sugar )
Great snack or lunch, sometimes I have it for breakfast.
Kinako comes into a small plastic bag and we can easily find at super markets. Hope you can find one at your local stores or Asian market.


Busy Day --- Dinner Box

Deep Fried oyster , egg, cabbage and pickles on the right.
Rice has spicy cod roe and dried lavar seaweed on the top.

This is from Origin Bento. The package had two packets of sauce.
One was regular sauce and the other was tartar sauce.
There were 4 pieces of oysters, so I used both for 2 oysters each.

It was busy day today. I skipped lunch. This was the dinner.


Rice Porridge with Seven Herbs

This is the porridge , traditional breakfast we have in the morning of January 7th. The seven herbs ( or grasses ) are believed to remove evil from the body and prevent illness throughout the year. The seven herbs ( Spring version) are
Seri(Japanese Parsley), Suzuna(Turnip ), Nazuna(Shepherd's-Purse) , Hotokenoza(Henbit), Suzushiro(Radish ) , Gogyo, Hakobera(Chickweed) .
Practically, this is good for the stomach, which is tired from New Year's feast and alcohol drinks.
Also, in old days, these grasses were good supplements to correct Vitamin C deficiency. My stomach was soothed by this very well and therefore, I became hungry before regular lunch time today.


Nanakusa Gayu --- Rice Porridege with Seven Herbs

Tomorrow morning, I am going to eat " Nanakusa Gayu ".
This is the seven herbs' package I bought today.
Look forward to it !