Wasabi & Soy Sauce Onigiri ( rice ball )

This is from Otsumami Yokocho cook book. 
It was great !  If you like spicy wasabi flavour, you will love it !

Ingredients: ( for this two small rice balls ) 
2 small cups of steamed white rice
1 tea spoon of soy sauce
1 tea spoon of wasabi ( I used wasabi in tube -- sold in a package like tooth paste ) 
some nori ( the black seaweed sheets in the photo ) 

1. Put rice in a bowl.  Add soy sauce and wasabi.
2. Stir well. make 2 balls like the photo.
3. Wrap them with nori.  Put a pinch of wasabi for decoration ( like photo ).

Tip: When you make the rice ball, wet your hands with lukewarm water, otherwise, the rice will stick to your hands.  

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