Locusts boiled in Soy Sauce

Hard to find good timing to write blog lately.  Let me write about locust today.
Then I have to go out again.

Do you eat LOCUST ?   I think even Japanese there are many people who don't eat locusts.
You know they are like grasshoppers.   I was thinking about it today..... locusts boiled in soy sauce was one of my favorites when I was kid.  Crunchy and bit sweet. mmm.  

Let me find it somewhere and upload soon.  

See you soon. 


Carol said...

Wow...big cultural difference! They are not regarded as a food source here so we don't eat them at all. I don't like insects so the whole idea of eating one is a little disgusting to me but I sure find it interesting to hear about how you would prepare them!

alwayseating said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply.

I'm still looking for it since I want to show it to you. It is usually sold at special store. When I was small, there were many stores like that.... Will try to find it !