Kitazawa Shrine --- Local Guardian

I needed to work on some business and stopped by here, the shrine on the way back today.  To thank for the year of 2008.  I am not so religious, but respect all the religion.  Sometimes I go to churches, temples and shrines.... ( This is normal for Japanese.  Depending on the situation.  Sometimes friends hold weddings at churches, shrines.... when my father died, it was Buddhism. ) 

This shrine is supposed to protect my area and usually I visit for new year's wish.  For Japaenese, year end and new year start is something special.... closure and new start, where people clean up the house and prepare for happy new year.... yes, while I am still working ( most of the offices are already on new year holidays ) , I am cleaning my place also.  Did wash the curtains, wiped the windows, sold some of the books I have already read etc. etc....

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