East meets West --- Miso Soup and Cheese

Maybe this photo is too small.  The left is bread containing curry inside.  The right is miso soup ( with shredded burdock, daikon radish , chopped scallion ).  On the top, I added shredded cheese.

It may sound strange combination, but it tastes good !  Try miso soup and cheese combination when you have a chance, please.  Both are fermented food, maybe that is why ?  It should be healthy also.

While I was on weight loss program ( my own program ), I tried to eat fruits only for breakfast.  It was good, but since September or October, it started feeling bit too cold for morning stomach, so I stopped it. ( I still eat some fruits for breakfast )  Instead, I switched to something warm or hot.  

I hope my weight stays same..... Let's see how it goes.  This holiday season is dangerous..so will watch out my appetite..


Bill said...

Dear Alwayseating

We often have miso soup here in Ireland. My friend Mary (81) always adds a drop of milk to it, Irish style. She adds miso to flavour vegetable soups and stews too. It works well in Irish cooking.

best wishes, Bill

alwayseating said...

Dear Bill,

That is a big surprise to me. Really !?
Miso soup is now that common !!!

Yes, I can imagine that soup and miso would be good match. Still that is surprise ! The nice one though.

East meets West ... in your country also.

Happy New Year !


Bill said...

When I said "we often have miso soup" I wasn't speaking for the nation, just Mary and myself. Still, miso soup is easily available in health food shops everywhere in Ireland, usually there's a choice of several types of paste or powdered. Mary first tried it when she was ill and believes it cured her, and has taken it regularly since then. We often have a mug of it around midday.