Beer, Yakitori , Fried Chicken and Onigiri for Soccer Game

I was lucky since my friend was given two tickets for Club World Cup soccer game.  Gamba , the Japanese team did very well during the event.

Our ticket was for Sunday's final, which is Manchester United ( UEFA Champion )  vs. Liga de Quito ( Conmebol Champion ) .

Our seat was close to the ground and yes, we enjoyed beer, Yakitori ( grilled chicken) , fried chicken, fried bean curd with veggie, onigiri ( rice ball ) and inarizushi (fried bean curd stuffed with boiled rice ) etc...... when the game started , we were satisfied and able to concentrate watching the game !   

Manchester United won the game and the middle is the award ceremony. 
It seems next year, this event is going to be held in Dubai, UAE, so I was really lucky to get the ticket.  Plus, there was some acquintance in the industry sitting behind us.  Small world !

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