View from Mitsubishi Club in Marunouchi

There was an alumni gathering of my first job at Mitsubishi Club.  ( Right after graduation, I worked at Mitsubishi Corporation. ) 

The whole Mitsubishi area ( Near Tokyo Station ) has been re-developed ( some are still going on. ) , and we had this gathering at newly decorated Mitsubishi Club ( located in Mitsubishi Corporation Bldg. ) .  The view was magnificent.  


Banshee said...

Alumni reunions are always nice, right? I hope I can make good bonds in life!

And I liked the idea regarding butter and soy sauce!

alwayseating said...


Thanks for your comment !
Yes, I did enjoy meeting people there.
I tried to talk as much as I could to catch up. Glad they still remember me.

Yup. Butter and Soy Sauce Rice .... Yum !

Daizo said...

I suppose our company build the building including Mitsubishi Club.The club room is designed for most cultivated people like you,isn't it?:-)

alwayseating said...

Dear Daizo,

Oh, really ? It was nice building.
Whole area is so stylish now.

What a difference. No wonder, I am aging....