Simply put Butter and Soy Sauce over White Rice

I needed to organize my life a bit.  Not work, but there was some family issue to be resolved.  When you get older, things happens and you have to deal with them as many of you have experienced.

It took almost 2 weeks to come back here.  Well !  Let me write about foods and events I have been experiencing lately. 

Yesterday, there was some gathering.  Will write about it soon.
Anyways, because of that feast and wine, I wanted to eat light today.  Then suddenly I felt hungry in the afternoon.   This is easy and good if you like butter flavour.  Prepare steamed white rice.
Put some butter and 1/2 tea spoon of soy sauce !  Stir well.  Yummy butter rice is ready for you.


Hélène said...

Hello ! So happy you came back... It's amazing, I could have written your words.. We might not be in the same situation with our family, but it is also very difficult for me to deal with them those days... I'm not quite well. And, second thing, I discover rice+butter+shoyu and it is amazingly good (I took that idea in a book I just bought : *Une japonnaise à Paris* Pari ni nihonjin onna no hito* Not sure my translation is right...
Gambatte, I hope things will get better for the two of we !

Carol said...

Welcome back! I missed your stories and your pictures as I'm sure many others did.
...and I love butter/soy sauce rice! I eat brown rice now but I enjoy it done up very simply like that too.

alwayseating said...


Thanks for the comment. Oh, there is such book in France ? Interesting. Did take French class at college, but cannot read French book. Too bad.

Sounds like your life is tough at the moment. Good luck to you, too ! Maybe I will write about the difficulties sometime, but lately, it is happening to all my friends... not like our parents' generation, there is usually only one child or two, so taking care of parents or handling things around them is upto us, so that is tough.

Also, how close you are to your parents or siblings is another key. ( I am an only child, by the way. )

alwayseating said...


In Japan, right now it is new rice season. I usually eat brown rice, but right now, I am eating new rice ( white ) . I love new rice flavor !