Daigakuimo --- College Potato ? Glazed Sweet Potato

This is called " Daigaku Imo " in Japan, the direct translation is College Potato.  This is sweet potato , candied with sweet sugar sauce.  

There are various stories about the origin of this name.  One is " because this was favourite of poor college students " .  Another is " there used to be a cart selling this sweet potato in front of Tokyo University . " etc. etc....

Anyways, this is still popular sweet in Japan and I wanted to make it at home.  However, I didn't want to cook DEEP FRIED food at my kitchen since my kitchen will be messed with oils.... 

Then I found convenient all in one recipe at Hanamaru

Handful Sweet Potato ( as you like .....   I used 200 to 300 grams of potato )
3 big spoons of Brown Sugar 
1 tea spoon of vinegar . 
1 tea spoon of soy sauce
1 tea spoon of water 
3 big spoons of Grape Seed Oil ( I use this as vegetable oil. ) 
Black sesame seeds ( Toasted )

1.  Cut potato into big bite size.  ( You can see it in the photo ).
2.  Wash them and paper towel dry. 
3.  Put sugar, vinegar, soy sauce , water and oil into the pan.  (  I used frying pan. ) 
4.  Stir well and add cut potato into the pan.  Spread in a single layer.
5.  Cook 2 min. the first surface for 2 min. and then next surface for another 2 min..... repeat this and cook all the angles of the cut potato.  Total is 6 to 10 min.  
6.  While cooking, the sauce gets thicker and browner.  This sticky candy will  be tasty sauce !
7.  Glaze potato in the sweet sugar sauce !   Sprinkle toasted black sesame seeds over the top. 

Enjoy !  
Will write about Yokohama 's China Town tomorrow.  Look forward to it !  I have one place to recommend. 


MATHIEU hélène said...

I tasted it in somes restaurants in Japan and that was sooooo good !!
Thank you so much for this recipe !
Have a nice week !

alwayseating said...

Dear Helene,

Glad to hear that you liked this.
This way is so easy since you don't have to fry it separately.

Enjoy !

banana said...

wow! your daigakuimo looks perfect even without using too much oil. すごい! でも今はちょっと太っているからダイットをする。^_^

alwayseating said...


有難う。 Well, I am trying to keep the weight ( after diet ), and trying to believe that this full of dietary fiber in the sweet potato should help flash out all the excess fat and bad things :)