Beautiful Pattern Book with CD ROM - copy right free

This is the sequel of Japanese Traditional Pattern Collection , which I translated into English.  

This time, the book has beautiful patterns, designs of plants and flowers.  

CD ROM is included in the book and that has these designs ( copy right free ) to be used by professionals and armatures.   

It is also nice to look at and to learn about Japanese traditional designs used for potteries and kimonos.     The publisher is Gijutsu Hyoron Sha.  


banana said...

so glad that you are back. the book looks so pretty. i am learning japanese and i hope to read japanese books and recipes and fully understand them. しょゆう バーター ごはん美味しそう。おなかすいたなあ。^_^

alwayseating said...

Dear banana,

Thanks for checking !

If you know ingredients, recipe books are not so difficult, I think.