School Lunch --- at Public School

mmm.  Time flies.  It has been hectic.  Today, I was thinking about school lunch provided at public school. 
Before doing that, let me explain about Japanese Education System.  
Kinder garden--- Usually 2 years.  I went to Kurumi Kinder garden and I was in Grape Class. ( Each class had fruit symbol.)  Then, Elementary School is 6 years.  1st to 6 grades.  You start 1st year at the age of 6 ( or 7 ? ) .  Then Junior High School is 3 years.  Senior High School is also 3 years.  I went to public elementary school , but after that went into Anglican's private school.  So, my school lunch experience is only at elementary school.  There is no separate cafe at schools in Japan.  So, at lunch, children move the desks and make lunch time islands so that you can eat in groups.  The menu is usually ( it is my experience, so depending on the region, it should be vary.) 2 slices of bread, main dish ( such as deep fried chicken, grilled fish , curry, etc.... ) , fruit ( such as Japanese orange ) , a small bottle of milk.  When the bread is replaced by noodle or rice, children are very happy since they are tired of bread. ( The change is welcomed ! )   I was very skinny during elementary school days, so could not finish 2 slices of bread.  I remember I always put 1 slice into the plastic bag and brought it home.  After eating lunch, it was usually dodge ball time.  At Jr. high and Sr. high school, the lunch was lunch box which is cooked by mothers.  How was your lunch at schools ?  


Carol said...

I went to public schools that didn't have school cafeterias so we all had to bring our own lunches.
It was so long ago that I can hardly remember what I used to take!
I know when I was younger it was usually a meat or tuna or salmon sandwich, fruit and some type of treat (cake or cookie).
I do remember when I was quite young, 6 or 7 years old, I insisted that I take coffee in my thermos! So when break time came, I would have a cup of coffee...hahahahaha! (It had a lot of cream and some sugar in it).
When I was older (13 and up) for some reason it didn't seem 'cool' to have a lunch, so at the end of the day I'd be SO hungry. Silly teenager!

P-T said...

When I was in school I was in the morning session which was typically 7.30am to round about 1pm so I always went home for lunch! Well when I got older (from 13 years onwards) I went out for lunch after school with my mates, but the point is I hardly had lunch in school.

When I was 12 though my school ran afternoon classes for all of my year to prepare us for a major exam, and I would stay for lunch then which my mum would bring for me! She'd drive up to our school porch area and I'd pick up this lovely homecooked meal from her and have that. It would typically be something like stir-fried veggies with chicken wings and noodles/rice.

Yeah I was quite pampered :)

alwayseating said...


Eating lunch at home should be nice.
I see. Learning how you eat lunch at school is also like learning how your school system is different from our country. Thanks for the comment !


alwayseating said...


Thanks for the comment.
OH ! In Japan, public school provide lunches. Private school kids have to bring their lunch. ( I am probably in old generation compared to current students..... ie. My school now has cafeteria. I wonder mums still have to make lunch boxes... )

I can't imagine skipping lunch..... will be dead from hunger !!!


Casey said...

hmmm, i'm american but went to hoikuen for two years way out near hachioji, but i do remember that one of the first words i learned was "okawari!!" they would always have a little showcase meal in a glass box that you could look at in the morning so you knew what to look forward to for lunchtime. i remember having a lot of curry rice, mabotofu, soba, gyudon, and salmon (with the bones still in the fish! i almost died a few times haha). school lunches at american schools were about a billion times worse- a main dish, usually some sort of processed meat. canned or processed fruit and vegetables, some sort of dessert, and your choice of milk (almost always chocolate milk). in high school you could get salads, but they only added that when i convinced a bunch of my friends to become vegetarian and pressured to school board to provide an alternative for us. for the most part everybody ate very unhealthily.

alwayseating said...

Hi All,

Thanks for all the comments. Sorry, I had been away from the blog , so this is message for all of you. It seems " School Lunch " style varies and it certainly tells how the country and/or school is treating children. I enjoyed eating with friends, but eating in class room is probably not so good. It feels bit dusty and I wish our school had some cafe for lunch time ' cause I believe that should be refreshing.