Yuzen --- After steaming, washing process

Then after that, you wash the scarf in cold water.

There, the colors come out sharper.  

How you pick the color is actually totally up to you.

Other people were coloring in different colors --- Flower - Blue, Leaves- Brown or Flower - Pink &Gray , Leaves - Green.....Their scarves were pink, blue.... So, you just follow your instinct or your creative imagination.  

After the washing, prepare  a big bath size towel and roll the fabric into it, squeeze and dry lining flat.  Wait till it dries... Will try to explain about Yuzen later.  This is the most common dyeing method for Japanese Kimono.  


Bill said...

Looks good, lovely fabric. I notice in the first picture that you were working on a small table. Do you sit or stand to do the work?

alwayseating said...

Dear bill,

Thank you for the comment.
I was sitting on the tatami mat floor.

I think they made their rooms for these classes and also for Kimono making classes. When you dress kimono, Tatami mat floor is better since regular floor is not clean enough with our shoes stepping.