Tokoroten --- Cold Pasta Like Noodle Dessert

Tokoroten --- This is something you would have between lunch and dinner.... you could call it dessert...,but this is not sweet.

The pasta like clear noodle is made of sort of seaweeds....cooked and melted.  Chill it before serving.  Usually it comes in a package and they have sauce... the combination of soy sauce and vinegar.

I sprinkled powdered green laver on the top.  

It is supposed to be full of dietary fiber, so good for your intestines and resolve your constipation !
( Fortunately I don't have constipation. )  Good to remove cholesterol, good for weight loss ( because the dietary fiber and full of water  makes you feel full ) etc.etc....  

Traditional Japanese sweet shops like Japanese cafe has this " Tokoroten".  Tastes good ?
Yes, I feel it tastes good.   I would call it Summer food.  

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