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So, I saw " Sex And The City " with girl friends.  There was another group of girl friends who went to see the movie the next day.  It seems this title is quite popular and talked about much !

Samantha , I love her sense of humour.  The Sushi scene, I laughed too much and my stomach started aching.   The scene from Mexico's hotel..... The national forest conversation.... That also killed me. 

Miranda and her husband's relationship.... it was moving.  My friends said the same thing.... after the therapy, they try to meet up again...... That scene was touching and made us feel this sort of thing happens in our life also.  

Their life style overall..... very special.  Although many of my friends are well educated , professional, still not everybody has that kind of life style.  

What attracts us so much ?  Probably men do not understand.  Their friendship.... is quite tight.
For instance, there was a scene that Carrie runs to Miranda's place when she is sad and lonely. That occurs to all of us also, when you have really good friends.  I have helped my friends like that, I have been helped like that.   

The dialogue they carry in the TV and this movies.  That sometimes make good points and make us think. ( Oh, most of us are  not like Samantha, the Sex Goddess and try to get almost all the men she meets !  Besides, she is so rich !  ) 

If you haven't seen it , enjoy !  We, girls are talking about the DVD , Pyjama night to watch the whole stories.  If you are man, try to find out the deeper meaning of each scene.  It is actually deeper than you think.  


Hélène said...

Hello ! Like you, I saw this movie few weeks ago with a couple of friends (girls) and I also enjoyed it a lot. Did you also watch the serie on TV ? Although I found the movie quite great, I think that the personnality of the girls are deeper in the serie and I prefer the serie.

alwayseating said...


Thanks for the comment. I have seen the series, but not all the episodes.

Yup, I agree, with 2 hours movie, it should be difficult to describe all their characters. At first, I did not like Carrie much, I thought she is too noisy and addicted to relationships, but gradually started attracted to her. She is trying to live and enjoy hard everyday and I can feel the power and energy of hers. All the characters and way of living is nice, I mean it also shows there should be various ways for women's way of living.