Local Shrine's Festival Season

In September, there are festivals almost every weekend in Setagaya-ward.  I guess in other cities, it is similar.

This Japanese drum march was passing by in front of my apartment this past weekend.  

There are big shrines, temples and major festivals, but these ones are small , yet the people in the community visit their local shrine.
The local shrines are considered to be protecting the area and the people living there.

At shrines, there are outdoor stalls during the festival.  They sell cotton candy, fried noodles, odenokonomiyaki( Japanese pancake) , candy apple, candy making etc. etc.   I still like to check them out, but when I was little, I loved them.  It is something special you can enjoy only during the festival.  


Bill said...

Hi Alwayseating,

If you happen to pass any of those stalls with camera, I'd love to see some of the food items for sale there.

best wishes, Bill

Carol said...

Yes! I'd like to see pictures too, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Last time my visit in japan,i enjoyed so much...
i saw festivals in omiya,before leaving japan.

Have a goodnight sleep!

alwayseating said...

Dear dabamehon,

Thank you for the comment.
Glad to hear you enjoyed it !

alwayseating said...

Dear Carol,

OK, thanks. I will try.

alwayseating said...

Dear bill,

Thanks for the comment. This coming Tuesday is national holiday and it seems one of the shrines in the area is holding a festival. Will try my best to make the time to be there and shoot some photos .