Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine --- Continued V

The left is called Oyaki.  I think it is originally from Nagano prefecture... The reason ? Because I have seen them on the highway service areas and it was usually within Nagano area.  

Also, there were three flavours.  The middle was Nozawana zuke ( pickled nozawana -- green veggie ).  It is also originally from Nagano prefecture.  The taste is like mini pancake.  I bought the one with Nozawana.... good snack !
Others were purple sweet potato and eggplant & miso paste.  ( That sounds good also).

This lady is selling Yakitori --- grilled chicken.  There were varieties.... bones, skins, thigh, wing.....I had thigh stick... 100 yen each. 


Bill said...

Great photos, fascinating! In one of the pictures showing the crowd at the shrine there are some men wearing white headbands and red jackets with big black writing on them. Why are they dressed like that?

Katz said...

Dear Ms. Magnolia:

Thank you for sharing enjoyable time with me at Ginza on Sep. 25th. "What I Eat Everyday in Japan" is dried laver seaweed, which I usualy have watching some audio-visual content You-tube at our office during lunchtime. Great meal will make all of us look younger and keep our heald in good condition!!


alwayseating said...

Dear Bill,

Thank you for the comment. ah, those are the ones men wear at festivals. Need to study about the reason. I am so used to see them at shrines for this kind of occasion.

alwayseating said...

Dear katz,

Thank you for the comment. I agree. Eating good food and enjoying it give us healthy energy.

Trying to write focusing on the each theme from now on. Keep in touch.