Fall is Coming

I can now see many dragonflies , which is the sign of Fall. It is still sticky and the temperature is around 30 degrees centigrade. Still I can feel the wind has changed.

The food for Fall ( or Autumn ) is..... what is your image ?

Chestnut, Saury, Various Potatoes, Matsutake Mushroom ( it is like Japanese truffle ), etc...


Hélène said...

Hello !
For me, nothing represents more fall than pumpkin ! I love it !
Here in Paris, the weather is not that good (really cloudy) but temperatures are fine (around 20-25°C). Speaking of fall, I really wish to see japanese momiji (probably next year... I've already planned to come back to japan ! I can't wait...) I know they will arrive not before november, but please take few photos of them when you'll see them and share that wirh us. It would be so kind ! I really love these beautiful colors...

Carol said...

Fall food means acorn squash, hubbard squash...all kinds of squash...very tasty.
Also, home-made soups and stews. I have a batch of home-made chicken broth in the fridge that I made today and I'll make soup tomorrow.
I also think of cabbage as well and I'll make cabbage rolls or slaw out of it.

alwayseating said...

Hello, helene,

Thank you for the comment. Ah, pumpkin. I always wonder if I should put pumpkin into summer or fall or winter in Japan. In many cook books, it is in Summer category. As to the photos of fall and momiji leaves, all right, I will try to take photos. In a few months! Wait a moment.

alwayseating said...

Dear Carol,

Squash ! I am not famliar with the ones you mentioned. I wonder if they are in Japan, maybe I just don't know their names ? Will check. Stew and Soup !! OK, in my head, it is the image of Winter. However, it certainly sounds warm and something to have at home. mmm, I need to make some stew within this year. You stimulated my stomach and its imagination !

Carol said...

This site has good pictures and descriptions of the squash we get here. I like it baked with just some butter, salt and pepper but some people like to put brown sugar on it too.

alwayseating said...


Thanks much for the information.
Salt & pepper with butter sounds good !
Brown sugar should make it tasty also , it sounds like a good dessert.