Weigt Loss --- How I lost 5 kilograms

Since June 2, I have been trying to loose my weight. Currently, I feel pretty good since I lost 5 kilograms since then, but if I could loose a few more kilograms, that would be perfect. So, I will keep the same routine. So , you may wonder what I have been doing. Here are the things I have paid attention to. These may not work for everyone,so please watch yourself and if it is needed, consult your physician.

1. Tried to make more muscles.
The reason is that I realized my muscles are all gone. I used to be quite athletic like I used to play basketball during high school days, then at the first company I used to belong to several sports clubs.... Tennis, Skiing, Scuba Diving, Basket Ball and something else ( I forgot ! ).
I also felt my metabolism became lower. So, I felt I need to improve that. For that purpose, I started working out. About 30 - 40 min. a day when I can. When I cannot 10 min. mini work out. I tried to stick with it at least 5 days a week. What did I do to work out ? Basically I used old video of Cindy Crawford, which was sold about 15 years ago. ( I found it in my gadget box.)

2. Tried to eat fruits for breakfast.
At first, I tried to eat yogurt, but then realized my stomach gets chilled , which is not good.
So, I changed it to fruits such as grapefruits, passion fruits, melon, water melon etc.

3. Tried to chew thoroughly.
I have been chewing food well to avoid eating too much.

4. Tried to have less sugar.
This season is dangerous. When I go out and have dinner with friends and business associates, I didn't want to be too nervous about it, but when I drink at home, I tried to stick with no sugar beer or spirits( such as gin, vodka, shochu ) . Sake, Wines have more sugar, so tried to avoid
them. I drink about 3 cups coffee a day. I used to put 1 table spoon of honey or sugar, but decided to cut them.

5. Tried to drink water.
Originally I am a water drinker. I have been trying to drink more so that the metabolism gets better.

6. Tried to eat chunk of meat or fish.
According to some doctor's advice in some magazine, it said ground meats have more fats.
If you eat chunk of meat or fish, that will require more energy in your body to burn and consume it. So I did not cut meat. When I have meats, I eat chunks such as steak.
Of course, I still have meat balls, hamburgers, but trying to have less of them.
Also, I have been having lots of veggies, various kind of well balanced food.

7. Tried to walk fast when I could.
Visiting clients, meeting friends..... I often take trains. Even on escalators, when I am not too tired, I tried to walk. Tried to avoid elevators, escalators.

8. Tried not to eat before going to bed.
Sometimes it is difficult since I need nibbles when I drink something and watching TV.
Basically, before going to bed for about 4 hours, I tried not to eat. Of course, I do eat sometimes, so in that case, I tried to work out harder the next day.

I think that is about it and I am sure these all sound familiar for weight loss.
So, I believe it is important to keep doing the things you promised to yourself.
If you wish to loose some weight, don't try to cut it within 3 days, just keep trying for a while and enjoy the process !


Hélène said...

Thank you so much to share good tips with us. I am really interested in eating healthly. I don't really need to lose weight, but I have big difficulties to feed myself correctly so I really appriciate your advice.
Congratulations again !

Anonymous said...

Umm...It sounds really works, I have to think about myself again.
In my case, probably cause of pills and its affect. However, I have to do something for loosing my weigh otherwise I will be in troubles...mmm I already have.
Compared with last year, I get 10 kg...
Let me try to eat fruits at breakfast and not to eat 4~5 hours before go to bed.
But I'll take my own way but not rush to loos weigh so fast.
I hope I can let you know the good news near future.
Very much appreciate for your good information and methods.

alwayseating said...

Dear helene,

Thanks ! I didn't mention it in the post, but eating good oil seems to be another help, sounds funny !? According to some doctor,
oil should be resolved by oil. It means your fat will be flushed away by oil. So,when I eat salad, I try to put good olive oil or grape seed oil. If the dish is Chinese, sesame oil.


alwayseating said...

Dear Anonymous,

I know, without realizing, you get weight. I heard that the weight you had at the age of 18 or 20 is your best since it is around the time that your body is made up.

So, I tried to put it back to that time.