SATC --- Sex And The City is now in Japan

Have you seen the movie ? I haven't, but I am planning to see that with my girlfriends.
It seems men do not like the TV series or the concept much. On the other hand, girls are talking about the movie a lot and excited to see that.

Well, let me write about it after seeing it. I just read the article of Newsweek on that movie.

In a way, I agree. ( The program or the movie does not give you definite answer. )
It is OK, I feel the TV series brought up the subject which nobody wanted to touch before this.

That itself is worthwhile enough, I believe.


Anonymous said...

Hi alwayseating,

It's a MUST watch movie!!! Very touching.


alwayseating said...

Dear Mammoth,

Thanks. I did enjoy it ! Need to write about it soon.....