I ' m a bad girl tonight

I had early dinner today and got really hungry. I kept working till now and did eat this !!! I know !!! I shouldn't eat before going to bed.
There is FURIKAKE in the basket and I microwaved some rice and sprinkled FURIKAKE on it. It was yummy !
This furikake ( looks bit like cat food ! ) has 45 ingredients ( according to the explanation ) such as sesame, soy beans, barley, sardine, bonito, ginger, garlic ( it doesn't smell though.) , grape etc.....they are all dried.
Oh well, tomorrow, I need to work out hard. I wanted to write about Nukazuke and comments to those who gave me comments ( thank you all !), but let me try to work on that tomorrow.
Here in Japan, the weather is getting really funny, it feels like I am in Singapore. Lots of rain, thunder and heat.

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