Busy Busy Week

Are you enjoying Beijing Olympic ? I do watch the games because I like it and also it is my business also.

Wow, it is already Friday tomorrow ! It's been hectic week. Sorry, I haven't written at all.

Will try to write either tomorrow or this weekend. Please come back !


Carol said...

I've been enjoying the Olympics and my favourite is gymnastics.
I was a little shocked to see the men falling down the other night...that poor guy who flew off the rings...ouch!

Yoko+Daizo said...

Hi,we came back from Nagasaki yesterday.Our mother has a small sidebone fracture and she went into the hospital during our stay.
No surgery,only necessary to stay in bed.
Sorry not to check this blog on July.We found the news about your father.May he rest in peace.We suppose he wondered whether he has to go to Ano-Yo or has to go back home during O-bon week---m(_ _)m

Hélène said...

Hello !
I also enjoy olympics, I love it and I really hope Tokyo will be the winner for the games in 2016 !!!
I hope you can now rest a little ! Enjoy the end of the week end and come back ! I need some encouragement ! I'm planning to buy the DVD of Cindy Crawford, do you definitely recommend it ? Which version do you have ? Thanks again for your blog, i really like it !

alwayseating said...

Oh, Carol, Sorry for my late response. It's been pretty hectic.

I did enjoy Olmpic a lot, but there are so many and the time is limited and it was hard to follow all. Ah, the ghumnastics.... there were some accidents... I remember somebody's hand skin came off.... Ouch !

alwayseating said...

Yoko+ Daizo,

Thanks for your comments, which is very kind of you.

alwayseating said...


The crazy Summer heat is gone ( at least for now, which usually comes back around the first week of September.... ) and we now have heavy heavy rain, which is like a rain in tropical countries.

It cools off though, so it's been busy and I feel quite tired now, but nice Saturday today.