Ameyoko --- Enjoy Shopping !

This stall is called " Bunraku " ( I mean the name of the place we ate ) . After the walk in the park, we went to Ameyoko. Ameyoko is from Ameya Yokocho( yokocho is like row. ) There seems to be a few explanations about this naming. One is " there used be many candy ( ame ) shops here. " Another is " there are many shops handling imported products such as American products..." Sure, there are many shops selling seafood, fruits, veggies, imported goods ( from shoes, watches to perfumes ...) . It reminds me of Hong Kong's narrow streets selling all sorts of reasonable goods. It's just so fun to explore all these streets and shops.

We stopped by this small Yakitori ( grilled chicken ) stall and ordered beer, yakitori, nikomi etc....( the photo is nikomi ). There are tables and chairs on the street, you can enjoy watching people who walk by.

Ameyoko is located west side of Yamanote JR Railroad and between Ueno and Okachimachi.
When you shop, try to bargain the price. I don't really do it, but if you are tourist, maybe it is worthwhile to get cheaper price and enjoy the negotiation. The people at the shops are energetic and I gained power from them !


Anonymous said...

Its look like fun.
Especially about that's food. That's look like food in Indonesia.
Iam hungry after see it.

By the way, would you please give me information about Ginza, because Ginza is famous in Indonesia.

Hajimemashite, watakushiwa Maly desu. Doozo yoroshiku.

Best Regards

alwayseating said...

I don't go to Ginza that often except for business meetings. However, I will try to remember your request and provide information.

Thanks for your comment.