Watermelon and Watermelon Popsicle

Lately, I have been eating fruits for breakfast.
Yes, thank you, my weight loss project has been quite successful.
I have lost about 5 kilograms in 2 months. If I could loose a few more kilo, that would be perfect.

Also, eating fruits for breakfast feels quite healthy.

I have been eating banana, watermelon, passion fruits, grapefruits....
By the way, the bottom is watermelon shaped & flavoured popsicle. The seeds are made of chocolates and crunchy ( pretty good ! ).


Hélène said...

Hoooo... That popsicle is really cute ! Unfortunately, I hate melon and watermelon despite I come from the south of France, which is famous for melons.
Anyway, congratulations for your weight, I think 5 kg in 2 months is just perfect, not too fast. You are likely not to regain them !
Basically, what did you do ? Give priority to vegetables and fruits and limit cakes and sweets ? I wish I had such a healthy diet !
Once again, bravo !!!

alwayseating said...

Thanks, helene,

Yeah, the popsicle maker did great job !

Ah, south of France, there are cute villages.... I love them !
st. paul de vince, antibe etc....

Thanks, yeah, I feel great about the weight. Basically I tried to get more muscles and eat less sugar. The muscles helps to burn calories.... So, thanks to Cindy Crawford, I have been helped by her work out video. Also, I tried to cut snacks. I used to eat 1 bag of potato chips in between lunch and dinner.... Will try to explain in the post somtime this week. Cheers,