Okinawan Food --- A friend from Kanazawa Pref.

Hi, all the readers ! I think I can have more time tomorrow.
Quick report about tonight's dinner at this Okinawan food restaurant located underneath of Tokyo Station.
This is appetizer set. oh... all of these are unusual food.... guess what they are....
This friend is a land scape architect who I have known for over 15 years. Good to see this kind of old friend once in a while. It was about 2 hours before he catches his train back to Kanazawa. He and his friend were already there. I was bit late to show up. mmm, thanks to old friend !


Carol said...

I'm always so fascinated at how different your food looks, and this is very very different!
Do I see some sort of roe? And squid legs? Are those sardines on top of what I'm thinking is tofu?

It makes my dinners look very dull!

alwayseating said...


Thank you for your comment. Even for me, it is very different. Okinawa used to be different country ... a long time ago. To me, their culture is in between Taiwanese and Japanese.... Also, geographically, it is closer to Taiwan. The climate is tropical...all these make difference , I guess.