Okinawan Food --- Answer

OK, this is the explanation about yesterday's quiz.

The center part... the red one is Tofuyo.... fermented tofu, kind of. It tastes like cheese....
The bottom ones are not squid, it is the ear of pig. ( It is like Taiwanese food ). The far right is Shima Rakkyo.... Okinawa's regional pickled shallots. next to it is like shima ( island ) tofu with Sukugarasu..... it is baby fish of Aigo ( sorry, I don't know what Aigo is.... ) . It is salted, so pretty salty, it always comes with this tofu. By the way, Okinawan Tofu is much firmer than the ones we eat in Tokyo.

Left... the green stuff is Umi ( Ocean ) Budo ( Grape ) . It looks like grape, doesn't it ???
It is sort of sea weed and the texture is... funny , but I love it ! You are supposed to dip it into the sauce made of soy sauce and vinegar. The top is deep fried Goya ( bitter gourd ).

All of these are regional food from Okinawa and until probably 5 years ago, I had never tasted them !!!


banana said...

those are really interesting. in the philippines, we also have the umi budo and the pig's ears. :P the red tofu is intriguing.

alwayseating said...

hi banana,

really !! My impression is probably correct, like textiles and Awamori ( a sort of shochu made of Thai rice ), there seems to be long time trading between Okinawa and other tropical countries. Intresting. Thanks for your comment.